Close more SEO clients with these 4 simple questions. [TEXT & VIDEO]

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Having troubles finalizing and closing SEO deals? Sick and tired of wasting your time consulting with potential clients only for them to not go through with a deal? Enter the 4 Question Close: specifically designed to cut out all the filler and get to the stuff that matters most. These simple questions will leave a prospect speechless because they eliminate any objection a potential client might have over purchasing your service. Four questions is all it takes to leave a prospect with only one logical answer to your pitch - and that's "yes."

Use this closer after you've already consulted with your client and are struggling to finalize the SEO contract. Keep the answers of questions #1, #2, and #3 in the back of your head or write them down on a piece of paper as you go along.


"How much money, on a monthly basis, would you want to make off of this internet-marketing campaign for it to be worth your time?"

Find out exactly how much the potential SEO client thinks they are going to make now so down the line they aren't upset with the size of their gain in revenue. This question also allows you to plan the campaign accordingly.


"To achieve those results, how much would you be willing to invest into something like this?"

You need to know exactly how much they are comfortable investing into their company's internet-marketing. Getting the results the potential client is hoping for (refer to question #1) relies solely on how much they are willing to invest. If they are unrealistic, let them know.

"How long would you give this to develop?"

I'm hoping you've already consulted with the potential client and they understand internet-marketing takes time. Find out now if they are going to walk out the door half-way through their SEO campaign. If the prospect is being unrealistic, let them know so you can mutually settle on a sound prediction.

"Great. Well if I could show you how you could make an extra $_____ a month, with an investment of around $______ a month, and it took only around __ months to develop, would there be anything else you'd need to know before signing up on one of our exclusive internet-marketing campaigns today?"

Fill in the blanks with the answers the potential client gave you for questions #1, #2, and #3. You've effectively found out exactly how much they want to make, how much they want to pay, and how long they hope it takes to develop. Any objection in the potential client's mind now fades away, leaving only one logical answer: "yes."

I hope the 4 Question Close is beneficial to you and your SEO agency. Put it to work, at least throw it in your sales script and give it a try. You'll be amazed at the results.
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