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Long time since I've posted anything here, but this place helped me out a lot so figured I'd pop back in and share some info I found out about Home Service Ads.

By now you've heard that the 7-packs have been replaced with 3-packs. The real reason I think they're doing this is to keep it looking the same as their new paid advertising service they're launching called "Home Service" ads.

In a nutshell it's basically adwords for local, but the business has to pass a third party background check to participate.

I have an insider at Google who I spoke with about this and word is that it's in BETA right now only in the San Francisco Bay Area and they're only testing it out for Plumbers, Handymen, Cleaning Services and Locksmiths.

Depending on how that test goes they could potentially deploy it in other areas and other markets, but only time will tell.

I've got a video here with more of my thoughts: Snack Pack — Paul James

I figured it's always good to share info and hopefully others out there that have information that I don't will share as well so as a community we can grow together!

Take care!
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    Didn't even see that before I posted, I heard this from my Google rep directly. Regardless there's still two new niches I mentioned here that weren't mentioned in that article.
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    Money hungry Google now competing against Angie's list and home advisor
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      More like, Money-hungry Google now competing against Money-hungry Agnie's List and Money-hungry Home Advisor.

      I've got a lot of gripes with Google... money-hungry ain't one of them... It's always been money-hungry + something else.... And that something else, privacy, etc., would be there without the money-hungry part.

      Better to start wondering how, if at all, can you use that googlian move to your advantage.

      I'm putting my thinking cap on as soon as I hit 'submit reply.'
      Originally Posted by moneyg View Post

      Money hungry Google now competing against Angie's list and home advisor
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        To be honest I think they're being a little deceiving to the consumers. They are trying to blur the lines between what's organic ranking "3-pack" and what's a paid ad "Home Service Ads." Either way I think there's opportunity.

        Right now starting with anyone who was in the 7-pack (IE. 4,5,6 and 7) position of the map. Contact them, they're noticing a HUGE drop in calls now.

        In the future managing Home Service campaigns, basically paying to be in the 3-pack. Google told me they would notify when they roll out this after beta (should they decide to) and look into partnering with agencies like us.

        Anyways if you want I'll keep this post updated with anything I hear.
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