I am looking for good offline marketing coures - local advertising agency

by ronijs
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Hi! Looks like I posted in wrong sub-forum, and I not getting any answerson my questions. http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...usinesses.html

Here is what I looking for:

I want to learn:
How to find clients
What to say in cold calls (scripts?)
What to write in emails
What content to add on website/landing page
Script for video sales letter. Examples of similar agencies
Website examples of websites
How to setting prices

I mainly want to focus on facebook advertising

Hope you will help me. Thanks.
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    Get one of Claude Whitacre's books from Amazon/Kindle.

    Like...Selling Local Advertising.

    Best bang for your buck.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      Get one of Claude Whitacre's books from Amazon/Kindle.

      Like...Selling Local Advertising.

      Best bang for your buck.
      I have Claude's "Sales Prospecting" book but your SOF stuff is some killer training for phone prospecting. At least part of the OP's request anyway and I'd recommend it for sure.
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        I Might suggest iAmNameless being someone to look for. He has a course that is specifically what you are looking for. You can find HIM and his product at Income Bully - Join My Journey In Making Money Online and down the right side bar look for the "Ultimate Blueprint" banner
        Success is an ACT not an idea
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    While I like the fact that you've clearly outlined the points you want to learn about, which is a great way to start your learning curve and can shave years of learning the whole offline thing, not to mention picking one of the best services you could in terms of getting customers leads and results fast, you seem to have missed the most important element.

    Maybe that's because you already know it, or maybe it's because you haven't considered it, and that is how to instantly get results for clients from setting up local advertising for them.

    If you won a local company's business tomorrow, could you easily find the best places online for them to advertise and then set up the ads, opt-in's, email sequences, landing pages, upsell pages and track conversions on their campaigns?

    If not, all the rest will be a waste of time. You'll be doing what most people do here, just start trying to sell things to people without actually having real skills.

    When I saw 'local advertising agency', it's actually a massively ripe area for tapping into because most businesses who are contact small local businesses do so as 'local marketing agencies' offering standard marketing services. The pay off from marketing is often much slower than advertising. You're definitely going in the right direction.

    I can give you some good resources for how to acquire the skills to create and manage campaigns if you need.
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    you can buy lynda tutorial or online have many free tutorial:
    1. coursera
    2. canvas etc
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    Look for products from Mario Bruno and Cameron Benson. Mario is probably one of the best phone sales guys I have come across and he teaches stuff in a way that is no BS and easy to understand and start using quickly. They have had several courses launched here on WF and i'm pretty sure just about every single one of their courses got WSOTD.
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    I know you wrote
    Recommend good courses about making local [B]online[/B] advertising agency
    but can I suggest Bob Ross's 9x12 Rocketeer.

    It's about providing direct mail advertising to local small businesses, not online, but it's a really great concept and if you think outside the box you can build on the idea and make it even more powerful.
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    Courses are a good place to start but if you want to take your business to the next level I would recommend you get a good coach, preferrably a lead generation coach. I am happy to point you in the right direction if your interested feel free to send me a PM and Ill send you to his landing page and you can decide if lead generation coaching is for you or not

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