Marketing Hired Gun: Use This BAD News To Tap Into A Strong Buying Motivator

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There's always going to be one motivation much stronger than another,
the Tipping Point which gets a business owner to buy.

Moving away from a pain point is a fertile area.

Right now this news story is a top of mind
pain point...

Here's the opening story...

"A recent study conducted by TIME magazine shows that advertising rates have at minimum doubled, tripled and even more than quadrupled in cost in the last 5 years, while response rates have plummeted to an average of just 1/10th of what they were just 5 short years ago"

Advertising Rates Up - Response Down - Digital Authority, Vernon, Kelowna, Okanagan, BC, Canada

Businesses will be out of business if they
don't get help to fix their marketing,
ad placements and conversions to premium paying customers.

Here's what it looks like in a Adwords account for a home cleaner business...

Doctor E. Vile
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    Shared this thread with my FB friends. They are freaking out right now


    - Sana.

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      It's ironic that newspaper advertising rates have gone up so much when the readership has gone done so much.

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        This thread re-enforces your previous thread:

        If I read the report correctly then "news" stories can reduce the cost of advertising especially if an advertiser's story is being published on hundreds or thousands of media websites. Imagine being published for example on CNN, Bloomberg, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal on the same day or within 2 or 3 days of each other.

        I sincerely appreciate you posting this report. It provided a powerful sales tool and on only one page. Fantastic.

        As usual, you are THE man.
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