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I have an AC repair guy as a client.

He was asking if it would help to make informative content for his YouTube videos. For instance, How To fix this or that.

My reply was

1) Seeing as how he's wants people to hire him to fix their AC, teaching them how to do it themselves could be counterproductive

2) Even if he was willing to potentially lose customers to people who would do it themselves, in favor of trying to more than counter balance that by establishing his brand, and establishing himself as an expert, since he's a local business, the vast majority of people viewing his videos would not be potential customers, who might do a small job like replacing freon themselves, but then call him for the bigger jobs

3) Which is why the best use of YouTube for him is to get more Google listings for AC Repair in the various cities he works in

4) But that if he were ever to write a book on saving money by doing your own AC repairs, that he could sell to people everywhere, then it would make sense to create How To videos

He said that makes sense, but later came up with the idea of branching out, and charging people for walking them through basic repair stuff. He said if people could send him videos of their systems, he could walk them through a lot of stuff.

I'm thinking that video clips would be helpful, but even more so, would be the option to have them stream him live video in real time, as he speaks with them..

My question is how would he be able to do either... Have people easily send him video clips he requests they make for him, or have people live stream video as he speaks with them. Are there any existing platforms that would be easy and convenient for his clients to use? Would I need to hire someone to create an app for his business, that his clients would download... (and if so, how do I go about doing that, and what kind of money might I expect to spend?)

Thanks so much
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    OK man here's what you do:

    Teach the viewer how to DIAGNOSE the problem.

    Show them how they can figure out that "Yes, THIS is the problem" (which they need your client as the solution for.)

    Got it?
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    You need to dig a little deeper here and not focus on if it can be done, but rather should it be done.

    First off how many people out there with an AC problem are actually going to wait, shoot a video, send it to someone, then be led through the process of fixing it themselves? Not many.

    Next of those "not many" are these really the people you want as clients? The guy wanting to fix his own AC is either broke or cheap, neither makes a great paying client.

    It is also worth noting that to make any venture successful it takes time and dedication. Does he want to run and grow his existing business or be a teacher? He will not likely do both well.

    I get clients like this regularly. They are good at what they do so now they figure they will teach, or they have grown their business so now they will teach others in the same business how to grow theirs. In 15 years I have seen only 2 instances where the effort yielded anything worth the time and expense it took and both of those involved those folks being at the exit point of their existing service business and going into the other full time.

    P.S This does not even begin to touch on things like liability. Bob who is all thumbs on the other end of the video misses a step and electrocutes himself lol
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    Originally Posted by Bosco View Post

    I have an AC repair guy as a client.

    He was asking if it would help to make informative content for his YouTube videos. For instance, How To fix this or that.
    Videos on the following will bring him customers;

    How to choose an AC repair service.
    How to shop for an AC system.
    Options in AC systems.
    How to tell if your AC needs service.
    Should you repair your AC or buy new?

    Several videos on everything you need to know to fix your own AC. Make it look complicated and time consuming. Each video shows one small fix.

    List these on Youtube, with full descriptions, and the client's full contact information.

    Place these videos on his website.

    He'll get calls.

    The faulty thinking here, is that there aren't already hundreds of videos on Youtube showing how to fix an AC. You want your guy to be the local guy that provides all the information.

    Doesn't your guy also sell air conditioners? If he does, that should always be mentioned as an option. And of course, videos on the features of new ACs as well.

    Really, you can pump out 25 short videos in a day. Make sure your guy is the star.

    Make the videos only a minute or two each. Cover just one point, and go to the next video.
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    You can also suggest making videos for issues that are too small and costly for him to be bothered with. Just think of a series of videos as one big ol' multimedia FAQ file in which each video answers a question -- preferably a question that his customers tend to ask over and over.
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    Add in videos on:

    Why it is important to do annual service to your AC.
    Electrical savings of a clean and properly serviced AC to a neglected AC.

    I suspect he gets trade magazines packed with informative articles he could turn into snippets of information to share with clients via video.
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    Honestly I would view this as a brand-building opportunity for him. Can you think of one 'name' or persona when it comes to AC repair? Of course you can't, which means that it could be pretty cool for your guy to brand himself as such. "That AC guy with the Q&A or partial DIY youtube channel" might catapult him to having a permanent backlog of clients, not to mention followers who would be advertising for him every time they shared a video.

    It's a lot of work, but so is everything awesome (and I for one think becoming known for something as quirky as building an online brand around AC repair would be pretty awesome).
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  • Completely agree with the guy above. YouTube is the place to be, and he doesn't HAVE to create videos that are focused on How To Fix this or that. Instead, he should focus on diagnosing specific problems. Videos with these titles should help just like what was written above:

    How to choose an AC repair service.
    How to shop for an AC system.
    Options in AC systems.
    How to tell if your AC needs service.
    Should you repair your AC or buy new?

    If you could make 2-5 mite videos about these specific ideas, you'll be helping him a whole lot with branding and building an online presence. Having a following can come a long way, not to mention that online youtube videos rank very well on Google.

    Doing it this way can allow for you to meet halfway. You'll be building his online presence while also earning cash for every video he pays for you to create.
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      I'm going to have to agree with Claude. The last thing you need is to tell people how to fix their A/C. Most people nowadays are busy and most don't want to do the dirty work. They just want it fixed.

      If he wants to teach a class at the local college in A/C repair, that's an option. He can even make a video e-course doing so. He could sell this online to those wanting to be A/C Technicians and create a nice passive income for himself. This would be a nice cushion for the times that client bookings are low.

      However, if he wants to grab clients with video for his home service, I 100% agree with Claude. You want to encourage the potential client to call you so that you're the go-to person ie., the expert!

      When my A/C is down, the last thing I want to do is learn how to fix it. I want my problem solved and I want a qualified A/C technician to do so.

      So, how do they know you're qualified? Write content that feeds their need.

      Reports, articles and videos on topics like:

      7 Mistakes When Hiring an A/C Technician.
      What to look for when hiring a technician.
      5 Signs of A Poorly Qualified Technician - Buyer Beware!
      How to Shop for an A/C Unit
      Costly Mistakes to Avoid ... Buying an A/C Unit

      Those are the types of content you need to produce. That will make readers see you as knowledgeable and experienced.

      I'd choose a technician who had content like this rather than one that's simply tooting their own horn with solely promo ads of "come to me... I'm the best in town."

      Use the type of content topics above, and then toot your own horn in your CTA and let them know how they can get in touch with you.

      I've done similar videos and content pieces for clients in service businesses like this and this type of content works really well.

      When you create your content always have your #1 business goal in mind (get leads - customers) and then solve your prospects problem.

      Hope this helps!

      Content Creation and Publishing Design Specialist!

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    Thanks for all the great replies and ideas.

    Everyone seems to be in agreement that the client's idea is bad and also that I'm wrong in thinking that YouTube isn't going to serve him well since he's just a local business. My whole emphasis on YT has been for Google listings in the cities he services.

    It just didn't seem like that many people in one county in one state would ever view his videos, and therefore I presumed it would not be worth the effort. I'm still dubious, but it's hard to argue with so many of you saying it would be worthwhile. All I'm currently using YT for it to get listings for like AC REPAIR [CITY] and have the phone number in the title.

    When successful, he gets page 1 SERP, with the image, making it stand out, and the phone number, so people don't even need to click to get to the video. The content is virtually moot.

    I love all the specific video ideas you all had. I'll present them all to him, for sure. Thank you so much!

    Here's the thing. I don't necessarily think it's a great idea, but I (make that, WE) might be wrong. It's not out of the realm of possibility that a downturn in the economy could not just cause more people to hold off buying new HVAC units and look to get them repaired (which could be good for business), but that lots of people learn to go without AC again until they can bankroll the repair bill (which would be bad for business.)

    For the latter group, there might be a viable percentage interested in seeing if they could do it themselves. I'm more of a realist than a doom and gloomer, and the reality is that an economic emergency is going to happen, that dwarfs that of 2008. In fact, what the powers that be did (and continue to do) to deal with the 2008 emergency guarantees it. The handful of fiscal gurus who predicted the 2008 downturn are ALL saying this, and the mainstream gurus are ignoring them, just like they did the last time.

    And certainly, many business successes have happened even though many viable experts (which I'm considering that all of you who have been kind enough to answer my query, are) advised against them.

    I am definitely going to take your great responses to my client. I'd be irresponsible if I didn't. I'm most appreciative, and frankly, blown away by both the quality and quantity of responses.

    Yet, he did ask a question and I don't want to treat him like a child and say that for his own good I'm not going to supply him with the answer. Thus, I'm still interested in getting my question answered as to if anybody knows the best way to go about doing the kind of video consultations he is thinking of.

    I wonder what percentage of mobile phones have video chat capability and what alternatives are there for people who don't have such phones. (I guess anybody with a forward facing camera can already do it, even if they don't know how. I've had an Android LG phone with one that I have no idea how to operate.)

    Can an app be made so that people who have video function but not video chat can send their videos to a platform my client can access? Are such apps already in existence that customers can buy licenses for and just plug and play, instead of having to outsource to create? (Or even if there is, would it be cheaper to outsource and create anyway?) Etc., etc.

    I will definitely tell him the unanimous consensus is that it's not a good idea.
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