Branding a micro business

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Is branding important for a really small business, like a dog walker?

Before you answer, take a look at what this guy did to get customers on his first day.
Humans of New York

No cold calls, no funnel, no content marketing. Creativity, a stack of biz cards and hustle.
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    Great little article.

    I think what was powerful about it was to do with what thinking beyond money to something more than that.

    I was reading Guy Kawasaki Art of the Start earlier today and he pointed out the same thing about the need for having a meaning for the business beyond just ''how do I make money''. There was a question he posed about ''how would the world be worse of without my business'', and said that if a business has a real meaning it's probably making money.

    This guy was thinking this: ''‘If this man is walking our dog, and there’s some sort of major disaster, he’s going to survive. He’s going to fish for those dogs. He’s going to build a bunker and shelter those dogs until it’s safe to bring them home.’' Actually putting himself in hist customers shoes and caring.

    I excoriate a lot what goes on here (and I'm not about to stop however much it's like banging your head of the wall), and it's because of that self-serving, pretty odious mindset that puts the wanna-be businesses owners needs and wants not just first and foremost, but the only consideration.

    They pick some product they think will make money, and then come here looking to handed a complete magic formula to go and sell it.

    Many here are actually serious and committed, but just **** themselves because of the way the think and frame things. Just look at the types of questions most commonly asked here and people's rationale for their businesses.

    It's hardly ever matches the breadth and insight that came naturally to the guy in the article. They're clueless. And many forum members give them advice that keep them there.

    People need to properly brand themselves and do the basics like work out what their customers want and how to deliver that while differentiating themselves when starting out. It's simple. You're out there being another slimy, unethical marketer if you're not doing that actually.

    Nice post.
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      Hi Joe

      Well actually he branded his business by branding himself by simply thinking beyond the product/service which in this case is dog walking.

      Branding is way too important for businesses these days, especially for businesses in USA, because each hour over 115 bricks and mortar business starts in USA, that excludes online startups (1).

      And majority of these businesses are me-too's (2) and for these couple of reasons I believe branding is essential for any business in USA. Because "Your brand sets the product personality (not a me-too) and helps separate it from competitors (115 each hour)" (3).

      Considering these objective facts I believe branding is essential for any business, be it macro/micro!

      Have a nice day

      1. Small Business by the Numbers (Washington DC: Small Business Administration, 2004)


      Susan Fournier, “Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research,” Journal of Consumer Research, March 1998, pp. 343-373
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    Nice article. No matter how big or small your business is, branding could help you introduce yourself to your target customers and help you distinguish yourself from other people or company who are offering the same kind of product or service.
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    The brand development by the marketing and designing carry extreme importance for the customers’ and of course for the client also. That is the business entities, when it comes to the businesses securing a place for itself in the market and crafts their own success story.
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    As per my point of view brand awareness includes both brand acknowledgment as well as brand recall, Brand awareness is better to the extent to which brand names are selected that is simple and easy to pronounce or spell; known and expressive. So, if you going to create brand awareness, it is important to create reliable brand image, slogans and taglines that make you complete brand name...
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