Getting Them To Buy Websites From You By Advertising

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There are 3 steps.

1 Who you are going to be talking to.

2 Where do we find them

3 What do we say to them

Say we have selected those who haven't a website.

Going deeper we want those few who have got the most money invested in their new business.

This could include those that have invested at least 6 years in their
professional training, like dentists, cosmetic surgeons and chiropractors.
They have also invested in rent, equipment and at least 2 staff members.

Real commitment and real need to meet the monthly bill payments.

Those businesses who have large inventory which don't rely on passing by traffic.

They have sizable amounts of money
in stock and rent to house it.

2 Because so few of these will start up in your area, it means going country wide.

Fortunately, we can get a list from

3 What do we say to them?

Do we say come buy my $695 website with all the bells and whistles?

Or do we take a step back and think about what would this owner
of the new dental practice be thinking?

I'd pick the second.

Let's take a shot what he'd be thinking.

"Do I really need a website?"

Then he'd be thinking, "What is the best option out of them all?"

What do we do with this information?

Let's meet him where he's at in his thinking.

Then empower him to make the right choice so he can confidently move forward.

This last part has understated power beyond most's belief.

This was the driving message behind
Priceline which did $1 billion in sales,
the second fastest to Amazon.

It's what powered FreeCreditReport.

We do this with a free self assessment tool.

Once the dentists are in the process, you have identified those with an interest and their degree of interest, automatically, so you can follow up better.

Here's the ad so you can see how it matches what I've said...

Is A New Website Right For Your
New Dental Practice?

If you are curios about whether a website is right for you,
and if one is, what option will meet your goals?

These questions are answered in a free self assessment tool,
so you are given the power to move forward with clarity.

Go to www. (name) for your free assessment.

A free service for dental practitioners by (name).


In summary, by matching our prospects thought pattern,
we enable them to buy from us, more often.

Doctor E. Vile
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