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    Originally Posted by SebastienW View Post

    I can't call and I'm sure most local business won't deal with a small company in France.
    I don't see why not. I work out of my home office (aka 2nd bedroom) and I have clients in US, Canada, Australasia. Just means I'm sometimes scheduling calls in the middle of the night...

    If you're cold calling, then you might have to work 8pm to 4am or similar to suit...

    People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
    What I do for a living

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    When it comes to leads, i don't see why people wouldn't be interested in you.
    Create a teaser to show efficiency if you trust your leads to be efficient and that will convert well.
    In this market, it is very simple to succeed. Either your leads convert or they do not.
    IF they convert, companies will scale up with you.

    Don't hesitate to open a side business for you as well exploiting your finding about gathering leads.
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    What kind of leads and where?
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    Sebastian, I'm interested in hearing more about your lead gen capabilities and the industries you can drive calls in. Shoot me a PM and lets discuss
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      I'm very interested in your lead gen methods too. I'd like to generate some local leads from toronto and the area around it. Please shoot me a PM to see if we can work together. Thanks
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    Why not try highly targeted emails or direct mail to businesses that fit each niche to get your foot in the door? If response is low, a JV with a quality telemarketer might be your best bet. Depending on your lead's industry there are middlemen who would snatch these up in a heart-beat.
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