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    Instead of just giving away the leads, use them as currency to set appointments with decision makers that you can then pitch lead gen or selling the website.
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    I have
    Originally Posted by RedWaterDub View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    I created a website for a fictitious veterinary clinic a couple of months ago and I have been doing seo on it. it has been increasing its way up the serps and is currently on the 4th page of Google.

    It is already getting emails from real people with sick animals asking for advice or for prices, services I offer, other info etc... I guess you could call them real leads.

    At present, I am referring them to various real veterinary clinics in the area with no strings attached. Also on my site I use someones real vet clinic ph number for emergencies, again with no monetary gain for me...

    So.. I am asking for ideas on how I should monetize the site. I am thinking I could rent out the leads or rent out the links, or even sell the whole site (I know there is at least one veterinary clinic in the area that doesn't even have a website) ..what other things I could do with the site?. I am not sure what the best approach is to take.

    Should I approach the real veterinary clinics in the area and propose something to them? If so, what? What are your ideas of what I can do with this site?

    Your ideas are welcomed.... THANKS
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