CHALLENGE: How Do You Sell Something Nobody Wants?

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I was given this challenge recently.

Imagine the prospects have never bought this
service before, never think about it and doesn't
add anything to one's life, in the normal sense.

There isn't a real opportunity to do lead capture
multi step campaigns in which each step takes the reader closer
to buying.

Fun challenge, right?

Ok, let's dive into it by first describing what the service is.

It's removing faulty electrical panels in homes.

The makers of them have long gone out of business.

It's serious enough that when owners of the brand of panels
Google the name, there's instant want to remove and replace them.

Yet it's not serious enough for some authority to
ban them.

So the key here is getting people to Google the brand name.

And done in a way that closely mimics a authority message
so readers read it and act on it.

There also has to be a balance between not scaring the reader so much
that the electrician is seen as exploiting the situation.

We do this by being somewhat unbiased,
as would a Government agency.

So let's lay out the message
to meet these goals.

HEADLINE: Grab attention immediately then make it relevant.
Use size to draw the eye to it

FIRST PARAGRAPH: All new paragraph openings
are capitalized and bolded to draw attention.

We must reward attention with a pay off, as fast as we can.

This is done by following through what the headline said,
another words, expand on what was just said.

We want to wrap scare words like "alarmed" and "faulty"
with comforting words, like "don't" so the messenger doesn't get shot.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: This gives instructions on what steps to take,
as would any Government agency.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: This sets up the reader to feel in control
of the situation by taking a look to see if he/she has the faulty brand in home.

Feeling in control is what took Priceline and Free Credit Report
on to massive success.

FOURTH PARAGRAPH: This continues the theme of feeling in control of the situation.
By Googling the brand, there will be all the independent evidence showing
the dangers the faulty boards pose.

This is the point we want them to get to because this automatically triggers
a phone call to the electrician.

FIFTH PARAGRAPH: This step is designed to set up the electrician as the only one to call.
This is done in the voice of another, not the electrician.

"Only specialist" "licensed by x" are used to get the job done.

Finish of with the desired outcome for the reader,
remove any and all risk they are living with.

Brought the risk into the now, so it isn't put off till later.

SIXTH PARAGRAPH: The phone number is set up as though it's a Government agency hotline.

It's manned by only licensed people to further add authority.

Closes with "keep calling if line is busy" is a proven way to bump up response
with tv infomercials, probably because it gives social proof that it's popular,
therefore it's the right thing to follow.

Let's now take a look at how it's laid out,
so you get to see it all come together.

Doctor E. Vile
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    A few months ago I had a minor electrical issue. My neighbor referred this electrician to me. I looked him up and all over his site (and I saw his ads in the local coupon books) was all about the Federal Pacific panels.

    So, I immediately knew this guy was going to try to sell me a new panel since I have a Federal Pacific panel.

    As soon as the guy came over I was going to tell him what the problem was and he just went right to the panel and told me how much of a fire hazard it is... blah blah blah and never asked about my 'REAL' problem. He lots the sale.

    Found an awesome electrician in the paper and took him 5 minutes to fix my problem, and even said the Federal Pacific panels around here are fine. He said they just have to tell everyone their a fire hazard because of what happened in a couple other states. Even when I was in real estate I had inspectors tell me the same thing... no problem, just have to say it for liability reasons.

    Scare tactics definitely work!!! ha

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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  • Profile picture of the author Peter Lessard
    This would likely work but I personally would not use it.
    Mostly because I see who it would work on when doing something like:

    "The phone number is set up as though it's a Government agency hotline.
    It's manned by only licensed people to further add authority."

    I prefer to target a more intelligent demographic with value rather than fear.

    I can see you being featured on local news as the company that tried to pretend they were some official organization and scared grandma out of the last of her savings by replacing a perfectly fine panel.

    Of course this is advertising and a huge amount of it is directed to folks that are easily scared out of their money. The rub is how you feel about it, not my thing.
    Ready to generate the next million in sales? The Next Million Agency
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  • Profile picture of the author Barry Unruh
    We recently priced new homeowners insurance and 3 of the 7 agents we asked for bids asked for a picture of our current electrical panel so they could verify it was not on their "high risk" list.

    There request definitely got me busy asking questions...luckily ours was not a high risk panel, but....

    I could see an ad like that working very well.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    why beat your head against a wall?

    No-one wants it...move on

    Huge profits in lower priced, micro cap, momentum stocks

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  • Profile picture of the author kimanierick
    selling something that nobody wants? i cannot buy something i don't need unless i have been conned.or else you need to do a lot of advertising and convincing people to want your product. may be change their attitude towards your product. But please don't use illegitimate ways to sell for the law shall be with you. ethics in business is key
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