Groupon Financials - We're Killing It, Wait, No, We're Not, Wait, No, We Are...

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Came upon Groupon financials: Groupon Gets New CEO, Releases Earnings

Who says they are/aren't doing great?
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    Perhaps they can perform even better now that Amazon has gotten out of the daily deals
    market: Inc Stops Challenging Groupon Inc in Daily Deals -- The Motley Fool
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    It's a gold mine if they:

    1. go out of their way to make sure each consumer get better tailored deals to their interests. give them pop-ups to choose what specific categories and services/goods they want. I liked getting massage offers but ended up getting nail salon offers and other crap like that, and I'm a guy. they didn't really care before and groupons ended up being spammy

    2. go out of their way to make sure the business structures a profitable deal. they let businesses make stupid errors discounting their entire ticket by 50% instead of a 50% off deal on maybe a portion of the product/service that still draws but leads to upsells and additional revenue to make the deal profitable. many targeted businesses were just too dumb, but they find out in time and get a bad taste for groupon deals. not good for business.

    groupon got greedy and didnt deliver enough value to consumers and businesses. To the extent they can revamp that and deliver more value, they'll be much more successful.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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