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My business partner and I acquired a fleet of Recreational Vehicles that are brand new. We want to sell them as fast as possible using online and offline channels. Actually a good marketing system for this would work best.

Does anyone know of a good marketing system we could use to sell these. We have also acquired a nice mobile home in a retired park in FL. We want to sell these at a decent price. If anyone has a good idea on how to market these, it would be a big help.

Thanks in advance!

God Bless,

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    If this is a one-off business venture, developing your own eCommerce setup should obviously be avoided; though I doubt you were even considering it. I'm into eCommerce, among other things. Many ways to sell these items of yours without such a setup though:

    1. Contact vendors; give them a deal (meat on the bone deal).
    2. Facebook Buy & Sell Groups.
    3. Craigslist.
    4. eBay.

    Failing that, and avoiding a high-end eComm setup, promote them as you would any product online.

    1. Website.
    2. Products.
    3. Means of contact.
    4. Means of payment.

    The above 1 to 4? You're going to have people wanting to call you on the phone. You'll need to make yourself available.

    - Tom

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      You are not giving out enough details.

      You've learned some stuff about copywriting?

      Be a whole lot more specific.

      ie. We have 12 2015 Brand Name Model X with an MSRP of XXXX and we ...

      Otherwise you are just going to get dumb guesses and the textbook, SEO, Ebay, blah blah blah kind of responses.
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        I'm another vote for approaching independent dealers for a quick profit - IF your price was low enough to begin with.

        A fleet is 'more than 10' so that's a wide open number. Are you willing to set them up for viewing, test the for insurance til they are sold, etc?

        As an alternative - was your price low enough that you can advertise these for very special prices? If you can do that, you can sell those.

        Years ago a friend won a luxury car in a contest...she didn't want the big, fancy car but she paid the sales tax to take ownership - immediately advertised it in the local paper for $15k less than the list price for it...sold it by the end of the week and walked away with $20k+. Not a bad deal.
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    Do a video on your FB profile
    Some buy/sell FB groups in your area
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      If you are looking for internet eyeballs, and since this is a one-off business, I would use video marketing.

      1. Do some keyword research around "RVs for sale" ...etc

      2. Shoot some quick 60 second videos of each RV - (do a quick outside shot: Year, Make, Model, then inside features, then hook them with a number to call you for an "amazing deal" - i.e. Don't tell them how much $$$ you want). Use a CallFire number for this whole campaign.

      3. Optimize all your videos, then upload them to an optimized YouTube channel. Optimize the channel and the description of each video along with any special feature details of the RV.

      If you did it right, you'll get eyeballs.......and calls.
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    Any update on these Elmo? Craigslist will be best for you and try to contact nearby agents to sell them. Otherwise, you can put the vehicles and mobile house up for sale on Facebook buy/sell pages at an affordable and interesting prices.
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    Do you have to be licensed and insured for selling both the RVs and mobile homes?

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    One day auction.
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