Trying to Market New Roof Services In CA

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Hello Warriors,

I have a friend of mine who owns a construction company and is offering a % for any sales I bring in. One big ticket item are new roofs. I live in CA too, so there are lots a storms coming from El Nino.

I have tried some flyer handouts door to door and I have posted the flyers in high traffic areas( Community boards in wealthy areas). However I have gotten 0 sales.

I would like to try doing this offline, but not sure what other methods to try.

If you were me, what methods would you test out?
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    Most roofing companies are feast and famine. They do very well right after the storm, when the pain is obvious. The challenging part is evening out demand by getting customers when the weather hasn't just been lousy.

    Another big issue is sending crews out to jobs that have little profit in them. Companies want larger jobs that have more profit.

    What can you do to find people who are already looking for roofing help? What do they look up or buy right before they realize they need that work done? Is there any way you can induce people who 'know' they need to do something about their roof, but have been putting it off because it's not urgent, to feel that sense of urgency?
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    I'd imagine if it's an expensive house and they had roof damage, they may not be confident about using some guy from a flyer as opposed to using a known company. Maybe if you led with a free roof appraisal offer or hooked up with the local hardware store finding out who's buying buckets, that may increase your leads.
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      Check your private message box
      so you can see the details on how it';s done.

      Doctor E. Vile
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        You can always try to get other reps to market for you and you give them some of your percentage of the sale. This way you will have people working for you to get sales instead of you trying to do everything yourself. I would try to find reps through classified ads first just to see what happens. The key is to try to multiply your efforts, and adding other sales reps beneath you is the best way to go.
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      Originally Posted by misterme View Post

      I'd imagine if it's an expensive house and they had roof damage, they may not be confident about using some guy from a flyer as opposed to using a known company. Maybe if you led with a free roof appraisal offer or hooked up with the local hardware store finding out who's buying buckets, that may increase your leads.
      We have a few roofing companies that work the area.

      The more expensive and professional company uses a combination of methods to ensure success.

      Misterme brings up the "Trust" factor and this is a biggie.

      Anytime you drive around my neighbourhood you will see small signs in people's yards where either the work is being undertaken or has been done.

      The company offers an incentive after a client is committed to allow them to display their signage....builds trust.

      Usually their sales reps are busy offering free roof inspections.

      They already have a good idea that the roof has issues because of age or missing flashing, end-caps or the discoloration of the surface.

      Usually the salesman will immediately point out areas of damage that could cause major damage internally to the house resulting in larger repairs or insurance claims etc.

      Before storm season is when they are most active and most successful because they provide "PROOF" that not having your roof tied down will result in far more major damage than one that is in pristine condition.

      The fear of loss is emphasised.

      The company is usually at least 25% more expensive than their closest competition.

      Many little benefits that they offer help build the value in the sale.

      Leaf shield - or gutter guard.

      Custom colouring both tiles and gutters.

      Extra tiles and repair kits for future use.

      Plenty of "Street appeal" photographs of what the restoration will look like.

      Incentives for multiple bookings...relatives...neighbors...etc

      Donations to charity or school of your choice.

      Regular free check-ups for 5 years. --- this gives them opportunity to add extra services and to gain referrals each and every year they visit.

      They always ask for the names of the neighbors....things like...oh...I noticed...see that small damage on...oh what was his name? I was just there the other day and...on the tip of my tongue...anyway I'm due to go there next but I ha five minutes to spare so I just popped in to check back with you.

      Often you will volunteer there neighbour's name and then they go next door and....well you can work it out.

      Ron has some great points also.

      Plus there are a few insights I can share with you inn regards to using Google earth.

      One company who sold sheds had an active team working on identifying properties from satellite images.

      It works for swimming pools and it could also help identify the "larger" clients as Jason pointed out.

      I would also hesitate to say that the use of "DRONES" could also prove fruitful.

      It could be a good angle to offer a immediate drone inspection where the home owner can watch on screen as the salesperson points out areas that need attention.

      That is then followed up with the "physical" inspection.

      Nothing beats someone trudging around on the roof for 30 - 45 minutes or so.

      The homeowner expects a "five" minute inspection.

      When the inspection takes 45 mins and the person comes down and says "Yes...I found a few problems."

      "I'll detail them and put it in a proposal to you"

      "It could be worse than I thought and it is just lucky we got up there when we know those storms that are coming...well I don't want to alarm you but...we see a lot of homeowners who wish they'd taken action a lot sooner"

      ...."'ll be in my detailed report and then you have all the facts"

      "When is a good time for me to come back and drop off my findings?"

      When they come back they have a full outline of what needs to be done...and more importantly what they "think" should be done plus they have testimonials and more supporting evidence of what they do.

      Plus they have all the objections answered.

      Plus they have the finance applications etc.

      Plus they have their booking calendar that is always nearly "Fully Booked" for months in advance but they do slot...but it depends...because the other salesman is also seeing someone at number 11 who was pretty desperate to get their's done before the next rain.....

      Oh wait...I better call the boss and just check that what I'm showing you is actually available....

      ...and so on.

      That company owns this neighbourhood when it comes to roof restoration.

      They are the longest established and the most profitable.

      Drive around you see their results everywhere.

      They have used the same formula for at least 25 years that I've witnessed and they are genuinely the best solution...they only people that don't choose them are the ones that get someone else to fix their roof and then their either sell their home before the problems resurface....

      ...or they are calling them up in a few years time bitching about the guy that promised to give the roof two coats of "Super XYZ" ...and now look at it....that B&st%#d took my money and now their phone is not working.

      That is why they can charge such a premium price.

      They do their job well from sales and marketing right through to delivering the result and following up.

      if you can't tell I love companies that do it all well and stick around because they are the ones that you like to work with and also emulate.

      Best regards,

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    Well, you could follow the roofing trucks
    pulling out of Home Depot in the morning.

    That will clue you in, to which neighborhoods
    have houses with bad roofs. If they were built
    around the same time, the roofs are all the same
    age. They'll have the same problems

    Knock on the doors of houses surrounding the house
    having the roof replaced and introduce yourself. You
    can use a business card or flyer, offering a free roof

    Last summer, I showed a guy who was standing outside
    of Home Depot, looking for work, how to do this.

    He got paid a referral fee from a local roofing company.

    His first week, he made 3 referrals which turned into sales
    and pocketed $900.

    That, is how it's done.

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    great insight so far. The company is fully licensed, and that is written clearly on the flyer.

    The home depot idea is great.
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    huge. Thanks Ozi!
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      I have no idea if this gets them any business but I noticed it AND looked at the roof!

      Would also work for a landscaping company if the arrow pointed down!

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