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Anybody else having issues doing it? I've been trying for a bit now. Need about 100 ads in Computers section, any city.
Tried all the usual IP solutions... But not sure what to do now.

What's everyone's experience posting thus far? Anything in particular you're running into that used to be an issue?

thanks guys, just looking for support here in the new year. Heard this was a great forum for this particular topic.
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    Go to freelancer.com and post that you are looking for someone to show you how to post on craigslist. Anything can be outsourced. If all else fails , just find someone who can post for you for cheap.
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    Go to fiverr or freelancer and hire someone to do the job for you.

    Sarah Hastings
    SEO Expert

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    1. Always post an Image a GOOD Image
    2. Don’t Put a Question in Your Headline
    3. Be as Specific as You Can Be
    4. Always give a reason why you are selling your stuff
    5. Make Sure the Price Is Right
    6. Write short descriptions.
    7. Sell from an upscale city.
    8. Headlines should be information-dense and short.
    10. Don't be one of those jerks who only responds to phone calls
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      The craigslist flagging system sucks. Your competitors can flag your ads all day long and your posts get deleted.

      Craigslist really doesn't like you posting to many different cities. It's against their TOS and they will catch you.
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    People underestimate the concerted effort required for competitors to flag your ads. There have to be anywhere from 5 - 10 separate IPs involved which are local and clustered around the target city. So, it's not a trivial effort to flag an ad manually. There are so-called software solutions for flagging ads, but in any of these scenarios, it requires an investment of money and/or time.
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