What's a good starter service for a local business that already has a website?

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So, I have a local pest control business that's asking for an IM proposal to help get more leads. He already has a free Wix website. It's not without its issues, but he set it up ok....better than others I've seen at least (you can see it here).

Seeing as how website development is my full time profession (I do IM on the side), when I usually see websites like these, especially Wix, I usually recommend a redesign. But the truth is, this site isn't terrible. I may recommend a copywriter to optimize the content, and maybe a few minor changes, but I feel to give him the "biggest bang for his buck", he could keep the site & spend his money on some other IM service.

Which leads to my question...if this were your client, what service or services would you start him off with? He's a good guy who really cares about his customers and wants to succeed, so I really want to ensure whatever I offer him, is going to show visible results. Whatever the service, I'd like to keep his total expenses under $1000.

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    What about flyers sent out to areas with older homes that tend to have more bug problems with an offer to give the same $15 off as on website coupon and offer a no pressure inspection free to get foot in door.
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    I would add daily Craigslist postings in the services section. Works well and I have a tracking number to view the calls. I would post 4 daily(real estate, small biz, skilled trade, and household) in the services section.

    Make $150 everytime someone backs up their computer!

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    I would go the route of offering them the service of managing joint ventures on their behalf.

    Pest control will be coming into an upswing in business with spring just around the corner, at least it's a problem up here as spring comes along.

    Think lawn care and pest control as one potential match for swapping client mailings. Another, house cleaning services would have client lists worthy of potential.
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