best way to find a pay per appointment telesales job from home?

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Recently I decided to take a break from my job as an appointment setter for a credit card processing company in Montreal. Mainly because the income potential was capped to around $2k a month because of the corporate structure and I want to begin working from home.

I remember reading a few forum posts where there are telemarketers making $10, $20 or even $30+ per solid appointment and I was wondering if there are best places to find these types of clients? At my previous job I was one of their top appointment setters not only for the amount of leads generated but also for conversion rate, and I'm confident I could perform quite well.

I already have a RingCentral subscription so sending call recordings of each appointment set for review is no problem, I'm also able to compile a list of business to call in any industry and I have an autodialing feature which allows click-to-dial from an excel list (which makes 300-400 calls per day easy).
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    A perfect type of role for this would be an "SDR" role or "Sales Development Rep" role. This is very common in software, SaaS, and startups.

    Many of them have work from home roles and pay per qualified lead (sales opportunity) found.

    You basically have 2 functions as an SDR.

    1) You call people who download a whitepaper, watch a webinar, attend an event, sign up for something specific that the company has been marketing. Find out their interest and if your company can fulfill a need.

    2) You build a list of prospects and start dialing for dollars until you find some people that have pains real enough for your company to solve.

    This is the entry point into enterprise sales and you can make up to 6 figures doing it. I have trained a lot of people to do this over the past 2-3 years. It's a role that is gaining popularity.
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    Sorry, I cannot help you with the reliable sites but I know a great name for searching job. The name is My Future Consulting Inc. I heard from my friends. You may check it out.
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