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What are the best cost effective legit ROI options to advertise nationwide in print?
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    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    What are the best cost effective legit ROI options to advertise nationwide in print?
    Trade pubs, newsletters, industry specific.

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    The answer to your question depends upon what type of audience you are seeking?

    GJABIZ suggestions above are spot on for B2B ads, however, for B2C here are two websites (I am not affiliated with in any way nor do I endorse):

    Nationwide Newspapers Advertising

    Standby Display Classified Newspaper Advertising

    Personally, depending upon what you are advertising, I am not so sure print advertising will be your best expenditure of advertising dollars. Think for a minute as a general consumer, not as a marketer. As a general consumer who is strapped for time, how many really take time to scan thru the ads, let alone a classified ad section unless you 'happen' to be looking for something in particular that day or week?

    Now that you have narrowed the number of possible eyeballs who will see your ad, what percentage of those people who look at the ads will be searching for your specific product? Fleeting at best.

    In today's Internet oriented world, I personally think targeted PPC is probably the best since your ads will be showing up only to people who have searched for your specific item or a closely related one and then you only pay if someone actually clicks on it. Just my thoughts.


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      I have used NationWideAdvertising extensively for years with consistently great results. They provide a wide selection of promotional packages in their newspaper and magazine network. And most offline publications nowadays also have online editions.
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    Not sure that is the best way to go these days. Print advertising is not as effective as it used to be. If you really need to go that route I would say 1) National Newspaper 2) Trade Magazine 3) Submit some Press Releases to Newspapers with some relevant news about your product/industry.

    It will be expensive to do a national print ad just be prepared for sticker shock. My opinion is Social Media is the better option to do a national campaign. Whatever you choose, good luck I hope it works great for you.
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