Niche Local Directories....can they still be profitable?

by Shay13
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Just read an excellent thread about setting up local niche directory sites, but it is from 2012.

I am thinking about setting up a directory site myself, based around a local niche. I will charge the businesses 199 p.a to be listed on the site. There are about 1500 of these business in my location, so my aim is to convert 200-300 to paid listings.

Does anyone have any experience in directory sites? And can they still be a viable revenue stream? Or are the simply outdated?

Thanks, and I look forward to the comments.
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    Depends on the niche. If its trade, businesses might not be interested because alibaba gives them more benefit. But if you could actually give them leads after good seo and marketing they would be interested. You can start with free listing, then you will have all the businesses interested in the site. With marketing, creating some interests for the businesses as they would be getting business through your site. Then you can make it big by charging them huge. One time charge of 199 would be a difficult sales pitch.

    Also if you are targetting offline businesses they would be intersted in the addon services apart from listing you would provide.
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      That's the plan. Get on businesses with free listings, and then upgrade them to more features such as images, links to their website etc. It shouldn't be too tough to rank in this niche so I hope to be able to deliver value to the customers by sending more customers to their site. It is a directory for professionals within a medical industry.

      Originally Posted by akshat113 View Post

      One time charge of 199 would be a difficult sales pitch.
      Do you think 199 per year to list on a site would be a tough pitch? If they got just one customer per year it would cover the cost of their listing on my site.
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        Perhaps the question is, what kind of value are you bringing to the directory and businesses? What's in it for the business owner and why should he/she spend hard cash to be on your site?
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    A fellow I know was telling me someone he knows ranked a directory such as this for his home town. I think he was charging close to $500 per month and bringing in $10K from that one site with 20 listings. I never saw the site, so not sure how it was set up.

    Tim Pears

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      I can think of two questions right off the bat:

      1. What is in this for me? What does handing over $199 to you bring to me?

      2. You said it's a niche site. Why would I want to be listed on a site with a bunch of my competitors? Not only that, but PAY to be listed on a site with my competitors?

      If you can answer those questions, you might be able to bring in some revenue.

      YMMV, of course.
      "Do. Or do not. There is no 'try.'" -- Yoda
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    Perhaps in a smaller town it may work, but in larger metropolitans where business owners are tech saavy they are already leveraging Yelp, Google and social media to have an online presence and for offline marketing they are likely to have an email marketing and SMS mobile text messaging strategy in place.

    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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    local business owners looks for one thing only that is if they get ROI. Whatever you are charging them if you can bring them more profits then they would pay
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    Check out Yellow Pages.....that's exactly what those businesses are paying for, and not getting much for it. I would also recommend subscribing to a call tracking service so that you can give them hard proof of leads that's coming via your page (assuming that you'll be doing everything to earn the fees they'll be paying you). If you can afford it, Joe Troyer's 'ACT' is worth the investment, but there are cheaper to get you going.
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