[Ask] If I bring a sale for a service, how much will I get paid?

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I want to ask to those of you who sell services to local businesses.

If I bring a sale to you folks, how to ensure I get paid?

For example, you sell web design service in the US ... I promote your phone number to business owners who might need your service ... one of them decide to call you and order a web design.

You get a client and I'm entitled for a commission (as we agreed beforehand), how do I know if you make a sale?

Do I have no other choice than to trust you to report the sale back to me?

Since this is an offline transaction, there's now way to track a sale as we do online.

I'm also wondering the going rate for a commission for offline services, in percentage terms.

For example, a sale in web design service, how much commission is reasonable for an affiliate like me?

Or maybe $1000/month SEO service, can I get monthly recurring?

I apologize for keep referring to online marketing terms

I keep comparing this with CPS (clickbank/amazon)


Before you suggest I should do the service myself (web design, SEO), I simply can't and doesn't want to.
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    Most of the time, it IS trust.

    If you can't trust the person, why would you get into business with them?

    The other way you can do it is an affiliate marketing method.

    (Here come the flood of copycats...oh well, I already did my bit with it--)

    So say as in my area, fishing charters are popular. People come from some distance but also locally. What can you do get a piece of the action?

    You use an affiliate tracking system that gives you a number or a link.

    You print that number and/or the link on an advertisement postcard/coupon.

    Now you have a way of tracking that sale and where it came from.

    So you go to a nearby pub that's popular. You ask the owner if they'd like to make additional income with no extra effort, doing things they're already doing.

    You have a tracking # for each location you do this for, so you know the lead came from that location. All you have to do is leave a stack of these postcards/coupons with someone you know is motivated to pass them out or at least keep them in a prominent place on the bar.

    The price is discounted so there's no reason for them to call the charter owner directly and try to negotiate; you cover that with the owner first as well to make sure there aren't any end run attempts. Also it's in their best interest for this lead stream to start working, as word will get around and people will get excited (nobody likes to be first, but they sure do like to jump on a sure thing.)

    You have the charter owner put a purchasing field/buy button on their site accepting the affiliate code...or you host your own buy page and distribute the sales money yourself if the owner agrees to let you do this.

    You could also do the arbitrage thing and buy time slots from the charter boat owner at discount to resell, and that's another way to remove them entirely from the equation.

    Go around and develop a network of lead generators...offer one as a contest prize on a Saturday night (highly effective if you've done the arbitrage thing and the captain has already been paid, and also is there to cheer and be cheered on)...this works especially well when the charter owner or captain are already popular in the community and people want to support them.

    To be clear: with this method, the lead generator makes a commission, you make a commission, and the charter gets the lion's share of the sale. The idea is to keep energy pumping into the network and excitement going.

    Required from you: affiliate tracking program, printed cards, and elbow grease.

    I'm sure you can adapt this to other fields.
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