Own a business? You might want to test this out.

by gjabiz
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Sponsor a co-op community postcard.

You get 6 co sponsors to pay for the card, you all distribute for mutual benefits.

Works well with high traffic business as either a host or one of the co sponsors.

Gyms, dance studios, martial arts, etc. are perfect hosts.

It is a low cost (free for you) way to spread the word about your business.


If you are a realtor, roofer, or any home improvement type, give this a try, you can't beat FREE, can you?

It is a twist on postcard marketing which has shown some success and at such low costs, pretty, pretty, pretty (in my best Larry David voice)...pretty

easy to get co operation.


PS. This is an example for business owners, to get an idea on a different way to advertise.
The actual report, is NOT for sale to online marketers, only those brick and mortar biz's I solicit. I apologize for any confusion.
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        Love what you're cookin' Gordon.

        Can't wait to hear all about your successes with this model.
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          quote=mojo1;10601960]Love what you're cookin' Gordon.

          Can't wait to hear all about your successes with this model.[/quote]

          there is a lot of BS in this area.

          Also, unless one sells printing, getting involved in other people's attempts at this business is often futile.

          LOTS of people selling advertising, and tons of the 9x12, 8x10, 4.5 x11, 6x9, etc., etc. postcards. Best biz-op, in my opinion, is run by (NO affiliation)...

          Local Community Blast | Grandville, MI 49418

          Great guy and solid training. For those who actually want to have a business offering ads.

          I talked with two dozen people struggling with their efforts in the postcard ad field.

          Why do they struggle? It is not as easy gurus make it out to be. It could be a grind.

          One problem is the number of ads, the other is the cost of the ads. The third problem most sell as if it were a consumer product, instead of a b to b program.

          And they sell eyeballs and numbers, often telling potential advertisers they could get a 5% return, or 250 new customers from a 5,000 mailing. These guys make it harder for everyone else. Eyeballs, listeners, viewers, circulation, 10,000 to 50,000 postcards mailed....mean NOTHING to most people.

          It is junk mail.

          Why not circulate your offers to a TARGETED group, like new home owners who are known to do remodeling repairs the first couple of years of ownership.

          Or, just send 5,000 cards out shotgun, EDDM style, and hope for that 5%.

          Anyhow, rant aside, postcards are cheap. They get looked at, and if targeted to the right group, very effective.

          Which makes gyms a great place to host a card with all sorts of doctors, chiros, foot and ankle, vitamins, supplements, massage, OT, PT, etc., etc.

          And with only 6 ads on the card, it makes it a fast card to finish off.

          But, hey, 16 to 18 ads may be more profitable for some. Whatever works.

          I'd rather sell a gym owner (dance studio, martial arts, and so on) via an email, a 50 dollar report than get involved with people. The linked to site is a template for all kinds of businesses easily reached via email.


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