Help a Contractor Save $2,500 on Fuel...

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Do you know a contractor that spends a lot of money on fuel for their vehicles? I'm talking about plumbers, painters, landscapers, etc. You can help them save $2,500 on fuel. Here is how...

Our company received a $15,000 credit for prepaid gas cards with the largest provider of prepaid gas cards, but we don’t need the gas cards. Received the credit on Friday as part of a partnership deal.

The credit can be redeemed for prepaid gas cards with Exxon, BP, Shell, Chevron, etc.

We have no need for that many gas cards. Do you know a contractor that wants to save $2,500 on fuel? We will sell them the $15,000 credit for $12,500 - saving them $2,500 on fuel. That is a huge savings for these guys.

Maybe you can negotiate a finder's fee for finding this deal for them. I could just call some local contractors in my area on Monday but I'm being lazy... haha.

If you need my number, call or text me at (336) 558-2563.

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