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Does anyone have any decent tips for finding businesses without sites? Currently using golden pages but the new site makes it incredibly difficult to find these, and there are hundreds of duplicates.

Any help would be great.
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    anyone any ideas?
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    I'm sure there are tons of scrapers out there that can get you this information.

    Been awhile since I used Mobile Renegade (or any scraper) but I think it does this (Ken?).
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    I don't have any suggestions, except one that's not related to your question.

    I assume you're asking because you want to target businesses that don't have a website. You will find that businesses WITH a website are much easier to sell to than those without.

    Any scraper you use, won't be accurate. Let's assume you're scraping yellowpages, many businesses listed that have a website don't have their website linked, just the NAP. Same applies with Manta, FB, yellowbook, yelp, and others.
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    You will find that businesses WITH a website are much easier to sell to than those without.
    So true. They already buy into the fact that having a website is important. Find those who believe but aren't happy with their current website and you'll have more clients than you can handle. Of course you have to sell'em on why their current website stinks and how you can help them improve.

    Try searching google for the following footprints:

    "Proudly powered by weebly" [city] [niche]


    ""© 2016 hibu USA, Inc" [city] [niche]

    It's not a perfect process. Many of the website are horrible. Some of the business owner won't care but a few will. Those are the ones you want to talk too.

    There's a post somewhere here in the offline forum with half a dozen footprints like the two above. I tried to find it but couldn't, maybe someone else might have more luck...
    Snoop on your competitors, research keywords, run seo audits, monitor keywords, includes powerful PPC tools.
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    Just google your niche, then click on the three (3) pack (whch isn't really a 3 pack). You'll see all the businesses listed in there, including the ones that do not have a website. (Goes against logic, but then so does a lot of what google is doing at the moment.)
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    In a simple words, if you have online based business, then you must have a website and if you run offline based I mean local shop or store (If local public aware of your business) then you can run your business without a website.
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