2 new cool tools for prospecting

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The first one is https://clearbit.com/sheets

It works within Google Sheets to populate a list.

Some of the filters are...
Type of business
Brands of hardware used on websites
Number of employees
Mailing Address

Plus a few other company details.

Now that you've nailed the list of businesses that meet your criteria,
it's time to find contact name and email of the person who holds the right position
within the company.

This is where Announcing Clearbit Connect comes in.

It's an app within Gmail.

You open up the Compose window and there is a Connect icon you click.

This opens up a window where you put in a website off your newly minted list in Sheets.

It populates the names, position within company and their emails.

To be realistic, it's not going to come up with all the answers, just as any tool
won't, as it's subject to what's out in public domain.


Announcing Clearbit Connect

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