What are some good problem finding questions ?

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So, just wanted to expand my thought process when it comes to qualifying clients, what are some good problem finding questions when it comes to pitching web design or seo ?
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    "What's the biggest problem your facing in growing your business"

    "What's your biggest problem?"

    Is that what you mean? Don't over complicate things, if you want to find out there problem areas just ask then ask them to expand on that.
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    You'd do better by framing the question as 'opportunity' not 'problem'

    Here's an example. I spent many years selling sales training to motor dealerships.

    If I asked what was the biggest problem I got all sorts of rambling answers that were mostly
    not very useful.

    I changed that question to...If you could change just one thing that could make the place mega successful....what would it be.

    As a further matter of interest their usual answer was....'double the footfall'....which was never the real problem..just their perception of the problem.

    Anyhow....when they say double the footfall you should get them to imagine what life would be like if they started having a lot more success.

    When you've asked some more good questions you can round up by saying something like..

    So Mr Potential customer based on what you've told me, If we could do this....and that...and that....AND increase the footfall, and assuming it is affordable to you, can we go ahead and arrange that now?


    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Originally Posted by Will Huntington View Post

    So, just wanted to expand my thought process when it comes to qualifying clients, what are some good problem finding questions when it comes to pitching web design or seo ?
    What are you "qualifying" them for? Web design and seo should in some way complement or replace their current marketing and should lead to

    more business. Right?

    Personally, I'd argue you're putting the cart before the horse and as an amateur salesperson, that would come across to me when you tried to qualify me.

    A pro walks in my door knowing he can help me (or has that air about him), and he's not a lazy amateur, he knows business, has some if not a very good understanding of MY business and KNOWS how he can help me get more business. You'd be shown the door quickly, along with the 5 other guys who came in today and wasted my TIME.

    I think this question shows how unqualified so many Web Designers/SEO specialists are to be selling hope to other people.

    You can either help my business grow, or you can't. Tell me how.

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    Not a question so much as it is a trigger mechanism (and social proof):

    "I helped [competitor] with [problem]. They were thrilled. Enough about them, what's needed with you?"
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    I'd make the point that you need to have a conversation, not an interrogation...!

    Here's a list of questions from Alan Weiss, consultancy orientated, so you'll need to adapt.

    Jay Abraham has a huge list - I couldn't find it in a quick search... Maybe have a look through his 50 shades of Jay or his other freebies on Abraham.com - Business Consulting & Strategic Marketing Expert ...

    People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
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