Would you use this service? I want to hear from business owners!

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I am working on a new business concept and looking for insight from passionate entrepreneurs and business owners like you! If you have a moment, please share your insight by answering the questions below.

I would love to hear from you and so appreciate your time and help!

- Jocelyn

1. When you started your business, did you use a marketing consultant? Would you use a marketing consultant in the future?

2. If you hired a marketing consultant, what would you have them help you with? Would they create a logo for you? A website? Help with emails, print materials, or events? What would your "dream" marketing consultant or agency help you do?

3. Are there any services that you would opt to not pay a consultant to do (i.e. email, social media, logo design, etc.) because you could do them on your own?

4. What would be the most important factor for you in choosing a marketing consultant? Would it be their cost? Where they are located? How much experience they have? Something else?
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    Would this new business concept possibly have anything to do with becoming a marketing consultant?
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    1. No. In near future? It depends.
    2. Traffic.
    3. Other than traffic.
    4. Proof of bringing real traffic (targeted, affordable, highly converted).

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    Shouldn't you be on groups where you're talking to business owners that need marketing help, not here on a forum for marketing with members that provide marketing sources? Seems like as a marketing consultant you should know to go post on forums for a variety of various service industries and such to ask your questions, not here where people are obviously involved in marketing for themselves. Sure, there are some people that come here with their business looking for ideas, but the majority of people here are or hope to be professional marketers themselves.

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    Yea, much of these answers would be industry specific.

    Go loiter on xyz industry forums, and ask the business owners what they want. Most of the people here are wannabe marketing consultants themselves---so it's not the best place to survey for a rival service.
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    When I started my business I simply got on the phone and started making calls to find companies to work with. We supply large company with appointments for there sales teams to run and also have a inside sales team. I didn't need a marketing consultant to grow my business however there are a lot of people that do. If I was going to hire a marketing consultant I would expect 1 thing from them and 1 thing only. Bring in new business and drive revenue! Business owners don't care about how well you can send emails or anything else they want to know how your going to make them more money and feel confident that you know how to do so.
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    Pretty much what Sales God said, just additional language.

    If I hired a consultant, I'd want them to improve my existing efforts.
    Like better copy on my website - better conversion of website visitors
    into hot prospects or buyers for my product or service.

    Also, I might want them to help me reach new or more markets
    and possibly help create a new product or service, a new revenue stream.

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    Maybe a business start-up with some venture capital might hire a marketing consultant but most business start-ups are bootstrapped along the way and don't really have any spare funds to invest until they reach a certain point.

    I'll give you a personal example.

    I established a business in mid 1992 and in the first year I turned over just over $80k. Net profit was $1

    Next financial year 1993-4 T/O $140K with $36K profit.

    1994-5 met a "Marketing Consultant" (student of Jay Abraham) mid year and paid astronomical sum of close to $14K over about 7 months. T/O went to $240K with $55K Net. - I was happy.

    It was a timing thing.

    There was already growth and I was in a mindset where I needed help to get to a point where I wanted to go.

    The business continued to grow and I didn't carry on with using their services.

    It wasn't that they didn't provide value or deliver a result. It was just by then I had matured and recognised the strategies they had used and I then replicated them for myself.

    If you are seeking to provide marketing services to SMALL business then you need to hit them at the right time.

    Otherwise larger businesses recognise when they need to employ a marketing consultant.

    In both cases you need to deliver "stellar" results.

    Best regards,

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