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So I will be developing a few pages sales letter selling a service for local small business owners to save them time and make them more money, you know the drill.

I've noticed that I get pretty unenergized and demotivated after awhile on the phones. Still it's something I've always told myself "you have to get better at it".

I took some time to think about what do I really enjoy? Well I love the idea of providing value and forming relationships with people. I like joking and bantering face to face.

So I am going to use my strengths and focus on trying to get in front of people face to face, introduce myself, make them laugh, query them, etc. Which I find is just easier to do in person. Maybe with this kind of focused practice I will become better on the phone.

With all that said, I was curious to know if anyone has done something similar. I know direct mail is hot around here. Very lucrative. But I will not be mailing or even using envelopes because I am strapped for cash at the moment.

I will be simply printing a few pages, stapling them, riding my bicycle to each location and dropping in wearing some nice clothes and a bright passionate smile.

The goal will be to make friends with the staff, get the name of the decision maker and then append a sticky note with their name onto the letter. Hopefully they will deliver it to them ASAP.

I will of course follow up with a call, because I will be more comfortable when I can lead with "Did you get my letter? I gave it to Josie on Thursday."

Interested in any thoughts and critique. Please keep in mind I have no budget and this is why I am going bare bones with the sales material.

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    If it is important I use the local Fedex courier with mailing cost at approx 15 bucks each in my area...The Fedex envelop gets your offer to the owner every time.

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    People buy when THEY are ready to buy, NOT when you are ready to sell. Steve Rosenbaum

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