Kenny Cannon's Simple Way To Open A Cold Call.....

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    So? Comments? Questions? What did you get out of this?

    Do you agree with it? Disagree with it?

    Posting without commentary isn't useful. Does something work? Not work? Have you actually tried it yourself?

    He says a lot of the same things I do. This video was made in 2012, so he isn't a Johnny-Come-Lately.

    I think what he says is good for commodity or non-complex solutions. For complex solutions, you might start with a simple Yes/No question as he recommends; however, you are not going to jump straight into a pitch like he says in that situation.

    What I most strongly agree with is his statement about taking the pressure off yourself for getting to "No" if that's how it turns out; "No" should not be a disappointment.
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    Definitely agree with changing the frame of mind when looking at a call list. So often I have told my team to embrace the "no" because you're getting closer to the "yes"

    There's no doubt that this approach would work if your goal is to blast a list of contacts to get some leads in a pipeline or pinch some low-hanging fruit. But that same list could yield better results with a less simplified approach.

    If I gave a list of 300 contacts to my reps and their opening question was "Would you like to buy some advertising?" I would probably get 1-2 sales off the list (depending on where the leads came from). But I could get 5x the results if they used our usual script.

    Yes cold-calling is easy, but making the most productive use of cold-calling is where the challenge lies.
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