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We are all more or less helpless pizza addicts. In addition, I have this thing for family-owned and run pizzerias, right before they get hit by the "corporate tsunami." What is this supposed to mean? Well, you can enjoy both a perfect pizza and this unique family feeling while being able to be served by or communicate directly with the owner(s). Once these adorable little pizzerias get anywhere close to the corporate waters, they mutate. It is the big money talking, no time for chit-chat, and before you know it, there's a pizza chain. There's nothing wrong with that. Just like any Warrior dreams about becoming a globally successful Internet marketer, so does every pizzeria owner wants to go deep into corporate and more profitable waters.

So, it was one of those nights when I just couldn't miss an opportunity of throwing a dozen superlatives at the owner about his latest work of art, again and again. Yet, this was the very first time when Marco, the pizzerias' owner, asked me a question about my own job. I was enjoying my pizza very much, so I didn't want to waste my breath with a time-consuming copywriter job description. I'm also not a writer in the traditional novel way, so I used a compromising term. I write for websites. That's great, you must know all I want to know about Internet marketing.

Which one is easier: to make a good pizza or Internet marketing plan?

The last piece of pizza had a bitter taste, but I admitted myself that Marco deserves a little bit more of time. I'm still in his debt for all "works of arts," I have had a chance to consume so far. I know something. Marco was still happy with the answer. If you know somebody who knows somebody, then you'll eventually get what you want. Right? Time for questions.

Should I pay for one of those expensive and shiny websites? Not necessarily. You're still developing your business. That's I don't think it's reasonable thousands of dollars, when you can spend a few hundred. I can help you with the writing, or you can simply upload this flyer of yours. Make some nice pictures of your gorgeous pizzas and you'll be just fine. Marco liked the answers.

Can you make it possible for my website to appear as the #1 on Google? No. Do you know someone who cans? Well, to be quite honest, I know some guys, but I am not sure how much is going to last or cost. Then, I asked Marco, has he heard about Google ads. To my biggest surprise, he didn't like it. For him, this was an expensive and a temporary solution. Then I mentioned some of his competitors. He admitted that these guys have been around much longer. Then I asked how familiar is he when it comes to social networks. If you know how to open your personal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, then you can manage these for a small family-owned pizzeria. Marco agreed.

So, you're going to make some pictures and write something, let's say, a few recipes or funny pizza stories. Then, you're going to share them through your websites on your social media accounts. I was relieved to realize that Marco didn't treat these as a rocket science. You can put all website and social media info on these flyers every guest can find in your restaurant. Yet, Marco had some additional questions. I would like to reach more people. Can I advertise on Facebook? I believe, but again, I worry about the costs. How much you need to pay in order to get new guests? Is it going to be worth it? Then Marco explained that printing hundreds, if not thousands, of top quality flyers and delivering them all around our neighborhood is not a cheap "hobby." To make things worse for his pizzeria, some neighborhoods had strict restriction rules regarding flyers. We were back where we started.

Much harder than it looks

I felt like I failed my pizza friend Marco. I couldn't solve an SEO - Google ads puzzle for him. I didn't know how to ensure better social media exposure for his pizzeria. Marco didn't bother to hide his disappointment. You're asking the right questions to the wrong man. He nodded, but also had a question of his own. What do you think, how hard it could be to make a pizza such as this one? There was no need for me to answer. Anyone can learn to make a good pizza. You just need a good teacher. I can teach you.

That's it. I have to find an Internet marketer, from whom Marco will learn all there is to know. Yet, I should've known better. Those are supposed to be simple Internet marketing tasks. We can't all be top class Internet marketers and pizza artists, can we? I will advise Marco to first sign a Warrior, in order to become a pizza marketer. Anyone willing to share his/her Internet marketing knowledge for an outstanding pizza?
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    Well, I can't help you so much, but since I am an owner of a small restaurant (we have pizzas as well ) here are some tips regarding Internet marketing, which I am actually good at:

    Create a webpage (if you already haven't) ! This is a MUST, since you can do so much for your business online. Don't waste too much time and money on building it, when nowadays there are so many responsive (also very important) templates available. I've used this very nice restaurant template, since it is very easy to use and it is customized for my business.

    DO SEO! You can find so many stuff online, but my main advice is - BE PATIENT and PERSISTANT. Nothing comes over night, maybe you won't appear on the first page of Google, but you should't be on the 100th as well!

    Be social! Create profiles on Facebook and Instagram and update them daily. Don't waste to much time on other social media platforms, these are the best for our business. Be sure that your photos are good quality and unique. Show off your menu, your fresh ingredients etc.

    One tip: Make giveaways so you gain more followers, and that can result in more customers later.

    Well, these steps are just the beginning but I am sure that the hard work will pay off eventually!

    Good luck
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    FWIW in this post I mentioned a guy with a takeaway who tried both flyers and FB Ads and the flyers outperformed the FB Ads by 3-4 times.

    Flyers work quite well with some local businesses. Trick with flyers to ensure you target them well. Figure out who eats the pizzas and which postcodes they live in, then target only them.

    Another hint you might use is, rather than flyers, send a personal letter with some form of offer. Personalising the letter, rather than an anonymous flyer, can give a significant boost to the response.

    For offers, I favour added value rather than discounts, attracts people who like value rather than price conscious people.

    People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
    What I do for a living

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    My name is Curtis. This is my first post so I hope it can be useful

    I have launched an app that scales beautifully with restaurants. In the case of a pizza restaurant, your customers can build their pizza online and have it delivered right to their doorstep. It's designed with ease of use in mind. It was tested in foreign non-English as well as English markets as I wanted to develop something that can be easily used by non-tech savvy people.

    I want to mention that the app also works great inside restaurants for waiters, waitresses, cooks and cashiers to take multiple orders on the fly using a tablet or mobile phone.

    I'm really proud of what I have build and I hope you love it as much as my customers do!
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