Money Manager's Headline: Will You Be Eating Surf 'N' Turf Or Dog Food?

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Tripled attendance for Money Manager's seminar
from that in-your-face headline over the plain vanilla
headlines seen by retirees.

Now imagine if that list select was dog owners....


Cat owners with the headline...

"Will You Be Eating Surf 'N' Turf Or Cat Food?"

Another Money Manager targeted Republicans who were into hunting
Because he was one of them. They were over 55 and had investable assets over $200,000.
Yep, you can get mailing lists like them.

He invited them to his ranch and signed up more long term clients than any previous approach.

Another example of targeting the right people with the right message at the right time...

When Obama was running for election another Money Manager targeted Republicans
with guns and investments.

The headline went like this...

"Are You Obama-Proof?"

His plans for you..
Confiscate guns
Jack up health care costs

Filled up the seminar room without a free meal bribe.
Small list of under 500 with multi steps,
not one shot big mailings.

One seminar gave this Money Manager 6 months of work and income.

That's what tightly targeted lists, message on point
and timing produces.

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