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I have never tried offline marketing before because online works well but a small bug is whispering in my ear of late that maybe it's a good idea to use it. That generating leads by phone is a good way to reach more customers.

Now I wouldn't do it myself because that's not my cup of tea. So outsourcing is the way to go.

So I ask you guys who actually worked with this about suggestions and recommendations. Should I hire a PA exclusively for this or should I use a telemarketing firm? Do they work by a flat fee, volume of leads generated or by closed transaction?

My targets are business owners (large, medium and small) who could be interested in acquiring software/IT products and services.
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    If there just setting appointments for you or generating leads you wont find anyone good to do it on a commission only basis. Why? because there's no control, they might generate a ton of leads but if you cant close they don't get paid. I would pay a fixed price per lead or appointment or pay hourly. Defiantly hire local and don't outsource to the Philippines or anything like that you'll be wasting your money. Give them a good script and you'll make a ton of money. Since its not your cup of tea I'd have someone who actually cold calls write a good script for you. Its not just a numbers game like most say. that's a losers mentality.
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