Legality of posting viral content on a business FB page?

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For example, if I'm a pet shop owner, I own a Facebook page for my business.

I saw a funny cat image on reddit.

Can I share/post it on my FB page? Linking to where I found it.

How about funny cat videos from youtube?

I saw big business FB page sharing content (not theirs) all the time, linking to their source.
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    People do this everyday on there. Just do it in a way that isn't trying to present it as your own content. If you are using the Share or post to FB options on these sites then no issues, that is what they are there for.
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    Yes you can share pages or youtube videos by linking to it. However - do not upload content that you don't own without permission. CreativeCommons videos & CC0 images are exceptions. You can search Youtube for example - cats, creativecommons - to find creative commons video you can use. However - I see many results which I question were truly creative commons videos originally.

    It's a shame but content is stolen constantly from creators & then uploaded on Facebook. Here is a video showing this major problem with a # of related links in the description -

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    yes, you can share the relevant image or video to your FB page.
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    sure, you can do it but do not copy any content and publish as your own.
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