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by scajo
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If you miss mr Kanigan here on the forum I want to give you a nice video-tips here on the offline-part of WF.

I think this is a good video and he is giving you some good advice

Here is the video
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    Great advice. Especially agree with people needing to gain knowledge first, build momentum (self-esteem), and take consistent action. Many people (myself included) tend to over-complicate the process -or- over-think the technical and personable marketing differences and wind up doing... Nothing!

    I think many people who have been studying (IMing) tend to forget to "look back" and recognize the knowledge gained is valuable to someone who does not possess said knowwledge. Therein lies the value most fail to recognize.

    As most people are consumed looking forward and carving their own path to forge a better living or to enhance their knowledge/experience they often de-value where they've been, what they already know, and simple ignore the fact; you can help guide others to the solutions they seek simply by sharing your experience(s). Granted, it needs to provide value for value... As any decent sales transaction or exchange should benefit all parties.

    Now, if only I'd apply my own advice... I too would likely be closing more deals, contracts, and in short making more consistent sales!

    Good stuff man!
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    Thanks for your words! What I see here in this part of WF is that Offline-marketing is going to the bottom line. But i know there isn't true.

    Therefore it's very fun to spread good knowledge in this forum.

    And again, thank you for your reply!
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