Who else wants to makes a one call paycheck?

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This is about time, leverage and your pricing. First, let me define a "paycheck" in dollar amounts.

The Average USA worker has a weekly paycheck of about 750 dollars. MILLIONs make far less than this (18.75 an hour) and tens of thousands make more. But for this example, let's round off to 750 pre tax dollars. Roughly a 500 dollar a week pay for a single guy.

There are many Warriors who would love to get to that level and a few who would be disappointed with that low amount, which brings us to what you do for it. The USA worker puts in 40 hours and another 10 in travel and get ready time. Approx. 50 hours a week.

So now we come to those of us who are OFFLINE MARKETERS, those here selling services to businesses especially, and are cold calling, on the phone, email or face to face. Does 50 hours seem like a lot of time?

It sure does to me. Let me show you how we developed this idea.

I don't like running all over town, yet, as a service provider to small businesses, if I want to keep this business running, I have to get out and see the people, and many of them.

So, we first defined what we wanted, a PAYCHECK. A 750 dollar a week paycheck. OK, that sounded ok, but HOW?

We could run all over town and sell advertising vehicles to small businesses or give then some web services but that involves fulfillment time, yeechh no.

Now many of you are getting out there, and that is a good thing, making an effort. But have you defined your paycheck yet? In other words what are you working toward and what amount of energy will you expend for it.

Me, I'm pretty much done with working, just some fiddle farting time.

So the next question was, what was the least amount of work we could do to get our paycheck? Well, the obvious answer was to make ONE sale which would give us a profit of 750 bux.

What would that look like? Well, it is not uncommon in selling services, especially door to door, to get a 25 to 35% commission on the amount. This varies of course industry to industry, but since we were creating this IDEAL on paper, we gave it about a 30% which roughly translates into a 2500 dollar PRODUCT (AND a service can be your product).

So what would a business buy for 2500 bux, which would only cost us about 1700 and allow for a 750 dollar paycheck? Turns out there are lots of things you could offer.

We have recently seen here a hustler getting out there and trying his hand at this and talking to businesses who may have a 2500 dollar budget.

They want more customers, more business, their current customers to spend more and make more referrals. It is pert near what this whole sub forum is about, we mostly do it by offering to help brick and mortar people to get with the times and we help them create online (mostly) campaigns to increase their business.

The problem we've had in the past is, it takes too much TIME. And often, results don't come quick enough for your client.

So, we had a dollar amount in mind, 750 dollars commission for one sale.

How did we make it an easy sale? We eliminated 95% of our potential prospects. Some of you are familiar with the 9 x 12 guys and their postcards and that takes a lot of running around, and if you have ever called on small businesses selling them anything, you know this is true...they often just can't afford you.

So, in our model, we eliminated mom and pop. Why spend time with people who are going to struggle to give you 1000 bux, or any amount for your services, why not target those already spending the big bux on promotions and advertising? Doesn't this make sense? It did to us. So we changed our model to targeting a much smaller number of bigger spenders.

OK, we had a weekly paycheck amount. We wanted to make it a one sale effort. We knew we still had to sell it, but, by elevating the targets, and focusing only on those already spending money, the ones that didn't need to be educated, it came down to product.

Is there a product or service, a 2500 dollar sale, that big advertisers would quickly grasp and see the benefit of using it IN ADDITION to their current marketing, not as a substitute for...not as a new way, but in ADDITION to what was already being done???? And first, NO, you won't ever see a WSO on this, because we know you wouldn't do it anyhow...

And also, we've talked about here before and this forum has a ton of information on selling to offline businesses.

I'm posting this to show a thought process, one which 99% of you don't use, you are more fire, ready, aim types...and we are more PLAN your work, and work your plan.

Begin with what a Paycheck means to you. How much is that per week. IF you are going to be online only, what does that look like in terms of hours of whatever you are doing??

How many hours will you work after the sale is made? I prefer very little follow up and fulfillment. So, I built that in. YOU get to do that with whatever you are offering too. Worst thing is you get busy selling your Offline services and then spend 50+ hours fulfilling it. YIKES.

So, my questions are:

Do you have a weekly paycheck in mind?
Do you know exactly what you will be doing to earn it?
Does that involve selling something to somebody? Will this be done in person? Can you elevate your prices to make it a one sale a week to hit your target?

Truthfully, many of you, even so-called newbs, have the skills already necessary to command the 2500 bux from a client and you can deliver twice that in service with just some SEO or web site help, but,

BUT, keep in mind the time, and ask yourself can you reduce the process down to the lowest common denominator according to

YOUR desires. YOUR goals. If you are an old lazy ass like me, it comes pretty natural to look for ways to streamline your business, and spend more time at the beach getting your buns burned.

The HOW goes like this:

A) Pick clients who are already spending big money on ads
B) Have a 2500 dollar service (if you want the 750 dollar paycheck)
C) Make it a no brainer for them, a one call close for yourself

D) NOW, go see the people, the ones with the money, and HELP them out, they need you badly out there.

PS. Nothing but laziness and lack of motivation can stop you at only one per week, you may want to find one a day. They're out there, just waiting for YOU. (I'm busy getting my butt tanned.)
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