Don't Give Up! There Are Still Plenty Of Clients [get started today]

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I scour the WaFo to see if there are any unique methods, etc. that maybe I haven't thought of. Sometimes there are! But one thing that I haven't seen much of is posts that will bring you BACK TO THE BASICS.

No matter WHAT level of knowledge you think you are at... if you are not getting clients consistently and bringing home paychecks... then you need to re-gather.

I want you guys to remember that there are plenty of clients. Even if you are starting today, October 25, 2016, you still have time! 2017 can be your year.

Common Question I Hear: WHERE DO I START ???

Here is my recommendation:

1. Set up your foundation. Create a nice agency website, business cards, promotional materials, etc. You will need a number of things along the way when prospecting & marketing to clients. Think letterheads, proposals, presentation files, contracts, etc. Things that make you look like a legit business when you show up for a meeting/do a presentation/send a proposal.

2. Get something ranked. Make a fake local business website and work on ranking it. Make a few Youtube videos and target a keyword like “local SEO expert in milwaukee WI” Once you have things ranked, then you have proof and confidence.

3. Learn how to grow social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube Channel, Pinterest, and other social media accounts can be grown, updated, and nurtured. A unique niche that I was going to target was stained glass (retailers, repair shops, and manufacturers). They could benefit from having a popular Facebook group, Youtube videos, etc.

Something that I think is very important is to PROACTIVELY prospect. You want to make sure that you are constantly talking to business owners. Me personally, I cold call to have conversations and offer solutions. I package together video, SEO, website design, social media, and other agency-like services and charge upfront+monthly.

In addition, I am always making new website assets so that I can rank my own websites and then sell/rent them down the road.

I hope this post motivates you and shows you that it can still be done! On my FB group & Youtube channel I post replays and recordings of cold calls that I do. Sometime after the World Series I will be specifically selling one of my websites, so I am going to call up 20-30 local businesses and try to sell/rent the website. This will be recorded.
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