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So, right now, I've had a series of 10K weeks, and my goal is to get up to 100K a month by my birthday in april. Currently, I'm at about 32K so a 1/3 of the way there. So, I get clients through funnels, but, I don't like leaving anything to chance. And let's face it, waiting on your clients to see your ad, react to your ad, and take action with you, is a bit of chance.

So I make sure to do something very simple that anyone can do, but that most of my competitors just aren't doing. I live in Worcester, Near Boston, so I have so much opportunity that I don't worry about sharing this strategy.

I send them a how to guide. I literally print it out, staple it together, put it in a manilla envelope, and send them a guide on how to advertise their business online for the best amount of exposure and the best amount of traffic.

It's 4 to 6 pages depending on the market. It speaks in their language, or how most business people are trained, and that's ladder thinking. With one rung after another to climb up (and even put an image of a ladder with the 6 steps I teach them in the report) Targeted Market, Ads, Traffic, Bait, Follow Up, Profit.

They get a paragraph to two paragraphs and an action to take for each of these things, and an image every page and a half with results that I or a friend of mine has gotten in the industry I'm sending to.

I have a cover made up for each industry with Fiverr, I give them the facebook statistics, the failure rate for average people that try, so that it looks professional.

I also run facebook ads that are industry need specific since specific industries occasionally run low (thus restaurants, cafes, and clubs are looking for consistent flow of customers so I target service based providers and my ads are directed to people that want customers coming in the door; Chiropractors, Dentists and Spas are looking for Clients; Gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs are looking for members) They generate lots of information getters, and usually a client per 750 dollars (I'm getting clients in the follow up as well, so that number is much lower in aggregate), and each client is immediately worth 1,600 dollars, which means they're worth 19,200 a year.

I sell them the bare minimum then deliver them the maximum. So The Fitness Grind, minimum length of customer is 6 months, cost is 150 a month (Crossfit business) so 900, which means if I get them 3 members in a month, it would make my service worth it in the long run. They agreed. And anything over 3 would be real good profit over that period. Yeah. So our goal will be to get a minimum of 3 new members a month or your next month free. Okay. First month 36 new members. Second month 44. This month we're at 18 already. And we're gearing up for our christmas and new year special. And because they're new funnels to create and we want to do a blitz with video recording and everything (I'm charging 5K for service and 2,500 for those months for the amount of work of launching two holiday campaigns).

Big lesson, always, always get them to agree to the bare minimum, because it makes it so much easier to over deliver.

This is a great business to be in and a great service for businesses. Very profitable and hugely growable.
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    Thanks a lot for sharing your strategy. I would like to try something similar too in my country to see if somebody would buy. A lot less money than your payments but worth to try. I want to learn how to run profitable campaigns on Facebook to generate leads for businesses.
    Do you send the end-clients/leads straight from the facebook ad to the client website/phone number/sign-up form ? or you get them through a special funnel on your website?
    How do you qualify the leads?

    ARE YOU A CONSULTANT? Do you have clients who could use MORE LEADS?
    Get them a MOBILE WEBSITE PLATFORM built to stay up with their clients habits.
    More than 50% of their customers buys from their mobile devices now!

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    I love post like these not only are they refreshing but you can tell the contributor has really done the hard work and generously share how they've accomplished results.

    Lots of really good actionable nuggets. Thank you for sharing.
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    Always funnel! You target the leads you want, let your store qualify, or use a Wufoo form for them to fill out to uber qualify. So for insurance I have two types of leads I send, the Opt-In lead and the wufoo lead.

    But yeah, your job is to create funnels, manage leads, if they don't want to work, then drop them as a client. Work with people that want to work to grow their business.
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    Your story is quite interesting, I actually find it very amazing that you have set such a high goal!, My goals are way smaller than that!.

    I agree with other users have already said to you, you need to think about a funnel!, its the best way to build a solid brand around your products and to you will be able to generate leads from your audience.
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    who is doing the work? You or outsourcer? Maybe I missed it when I was reading?
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    I am curious as well. Are you driving the customers using FB ads? Or are you using the FB ads for new clients?
    Tips I've picked up over 11 years of online marketing... FInd out the best ones here
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    This is my cold traffic mailing. I have templates for Chiropractors, Veterinarians, Dentist, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Gyms, and more.
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    No need for such hard work. It takes time but have a system where you have a chance of making huge commissions. Some of my deals i can earn $100k+ on. You'll find it much harder dealing with the typical $100 sales.
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      and what kind of system is that?

      Originally Posted by ukpropinvest View Post

      No need for such hard work. It takes time but have a system where you have a chance of making huge commissions. Some of my deals i can earn $100k+ on. You'll find it much harder dealing with the typical $100 sales.
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