Mailbox Forwarding Company ... Are their still people needing mailbox forwarding services?

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I was thinking about getting into the mailbox forwarding business because I cant stand the ones that are currently online. Too many scams and bad reviews. Before I consider getting into this business I need to know if I would have customers needing my services. Any help, advice, or potential clients if I decide to get into this business please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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    Up until a few months ago I subscribed to a publication called International Living. They have classified ads at the back of each issue. There were always at least one and sometimes more mail forwarding services offered there on a consistent basis, so my answer would be yes, this is still a service that has a market but your service must be at least equal to or greater than those already providing it.

    Suggest you search for both print and online publications on the subject of "international living" and the word "expat" as there are many people who have retired and live in other countries due to the lower cost of living and have their mail forwarded to locations.


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  • I've had your same experience. Total PITA every one I tried. We put a plan together to partner with executive suite providers (like Regus) by setting them up with scanning equipment and an online portal for their customers. The pitch was that they would be able to offer an address almost anywhere and scan your mail so it's available on line. The revenue for the partner was reasonable and they gain potential customers for their conf room rentals etc. even if they are at 100% occupancy. We had too many projects going and never got past the biz plan but it might be an avenue for you.
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    Little late to answer this, but have you considered people who are living mobile year round? Expats are fine but the people who use this type of service most are full-time recreational vehicle owners. And yes, they are in most countries and they live in their vehicles, need to be in contact for tax, banking, visa and passport renewals, etc.

    They are called "caravans" outside the US and the market is huge and underserved in this area. Most of the mail services they use are location dependent, an international service would be ideal. Just my 2 cents.

    Check a few of the RVers sites online, a couple have magazines with ads. The market is a tight niche and pretty much evergreen.

    "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating" ~ Oscar Wilde

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    You'd basically be competing with the UPS Store. There were some online mail business models like Earth Class Mail that went bankrupt because they could never get the labor cost per item low enough to turn a profit, and this was with some serious venture capital backing. You'll find that most snail mail these days is junk mail that people don't want forwarded anyways.
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