Possible Business Idea for Someone - TV Antennas

by Kurt
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This seems like a good idea with some basic skills: Installing TV antennas. I just read an article that said that TV antenna sales are up 9% and expected to increase.

People are tired of paying high rates for cable and now have a lot of options for streaming online. But streaming doesn't give them local stations.

With some good marketing, a decent side business could probably be built as this is a service that could save their customers a lot of money over the next few years.
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    Kodi boxes + TV antennas + decent marketing = SCORE
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      Any Wholesaler for kodi and TV antennas? And oh WiFi routers to speed up and secure
      the internet connection.
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    Interesting comment a few years went to several foreclosures that still had old TV antenna's mounted on the roof. They were usually homes that needed major updates inside. Figured it would be good to find these vacant homes with antennas and inform Investors that you know where a good property might be had. Or just target older home owners and take them down for them. Seems the trend is going back to installation now. Thanks for the share Kurt/

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    This is all way to funny to me. I have seen the market go full circle. When I came out of Tech School in 1975 we were still putting up towers and roof mount antennas for many home owners. Cable was new and did not service all areas in most major cities, and would not reach rural areas for many years later.

    Now we have traveled full circle and arrived at the age of the "cord cutter" because of the over zealous marketing suits in Big Cable who tried to make everything turn a profit. I think this trend will continue as your numbers bear out. I also think that wireless Wi-Fi Internet will continue to grow for the same reason.

    The communications industry always has been the bearer of new opportunity for the wise entrepreneur who can see the trend and is willing to take a little risk. This is not new but the common demand has always been the same: The Human need to consume content in the form of information!

    Look at this brief list to understand the point:
    Cave Drawings> Ancient Writing Pencil and Papyrus> Gutenberg Press> Typewriter> >Pony Express> Morse Telegraph> Bell Telephone> Marconi Radio> Farnsworth Television> Satellite TV> Cable TV> Computers & Internet> Amazon + 10 +E6 other sites> Cell Phones> Tablet Computers> ???

    Each of these "levels" have created untold wealthy marketers, starting with the former sheep herder boy who mastered the art of making papyrus paper and found out he could trade this product for other goods or food!

    This trend will never end as long as humans are breathing on the face of the Earth...

    My point: +++++ Find the Next Big Medium or Channel that will be used to move the Content..
    Then ++++ Hitch yourself to that Wagon !!! The profits will follow.....
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    my wife's friend's husband is in this business and he is referring work to other people because he is too busy.

    I have been on streaming/antenna since 2010 and have never looked back. I don't need 200 channels of the dog whisperer reruns...
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    I was just looking at my cable bill the other day thinking what a rip Time Warner is.

    The cable Internet connections are a must have for me, I run my own servers and I'm out in the country, but I could save well over $65 per month cutting out the channels, that's over $750 per year!!

    I just searched Antenna affiliate programs; CJ, Pepperjam, Share a Sale all have something plus there is two others that run in-house affiliate deals.

    It's also a product that, IMO, easy to spin and make it kinda relevant to just about any type of website anyone has.

    The company sites have a ton of great info to use for content. It all makes a lot of sense.

    First chance I have, I'll get a bunch of content written, post it on 4 or 5 sites, link to a couple of the companies and see what happens.

    Just checked Craigslist around here; no one is advertising TV antenna installation.

    Good idea
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    where us more than one million Canadian prefer TV with an antenna at the present siutation
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    my neighborhood assn limits traditional large TV antenna to attic and mine doesnt work very well. Any reccos on a more modern compact antenna that works well? We are allowed satellite dishes. go figure.

    also, another secret are modern day HD home theater video projectors. They now are sub $1000 that are almost as good as large screen TV pictures except projectors throw image screen sizes of 2-5X that of a TV. i.e. a 110inch screen has over 4X the screen size as a 55" inch TV where people would think its only 2X.

    they are much brighter and clearer these days too, even handling a good picture in a fairly lit room. they can also be fairly portable too if you wanted to have movie nights outside.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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