Help me with my offline business. How many websites, social media, etc should i have?

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My fiance and I have had an offline event planning business for the last 3 years. We were running 4-5 of the same kind of festivals every year and have a website & social media for that. We are now starting to run different types of festivals that have nothing to do with our existing ones even though they will be ran under our companys name. We are adding 3 different types of festivals.

Is it best to create new social media and websites for each type of festival or run them all through our existing website and social media? Our current website gets around 1200-1500 hits a month and during event months closer to 3000. Our Facebook page has about 5k followers and instagram is only like 400.

Thanks for any info!
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    I would use one website and social media(s). You're branding yourself as a festival planner -- it doesn't matter what kind of festival it is. The fact that you do a lot of them, even though they differ, makes you sound more legit. Here in Louisiana, we have festivals all year long for practically anything. I used to write copy for Louisiana Tourism and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff people "celebrate" here! Are you on twitter as well?
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    You could have pages / links within your main website for those different kinds of festivals.

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    do both, use main corporate site for business stuff, vendors etc... but if your events are separate brands and types of events, do separate FB pages and sites for them. you can always cross promote one to the other.

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      Having one website,you can manage them effectively
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    Just have 1 website. You can create different page for each festivals. You can optimize it through meta descriptions, titles, keyword, headings for each to rank in the specific festival. For social media, you can start creating different pages to separate the updates per festival. You can reshare contents from your sub pages to your main page or vice versa.
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