Closing on the phone. Help please.

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Hi All,

I have been doing appointment setting for the past year and doing well at it.

I'm looking to upgrade my sales skills by trying to sell a service/seminar/product over the phone.

I was wonder if anyone can suggest something to sell with a short sales cycle (1-2 contacts and then close) only over the phone.

Thanks Robert
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    Print advertising is good because...

    You can use deadlines
    A limited number of spots left
    Only allowing one type of business in the space
    Can't phone in to get it as it is by invitation only

    Plus a few other ways to drive up the value of the offering.

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    I agree with Ewen's advice on print advertising.

    You can come up with something that is unique in the marketplace. Something that no one else is offering.

    If they want in, they have to go through you.

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    Hi Robert, are your skills transferable to online?
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    Put a product together teaching effective appointment setting. Call people who need it and sell it.
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    Don't limit it to "on the phone" -- close it remotely, yes, but email will help tremendously here if you put in a small amount of effort per lead.

    If they are interested, speak with them on the phone and negotiate/present a fair and appealing price. If they respond positively, tell them to check their email in 20 minutes.

    * Email them with a photo (or full scan if you have a scanner) of an invoice that you have signed by hand. If you offer a money back guarantee of any kind, it is helpful to visibly list that on the signed invoice.

    * If you are confident in the sale, consider also attaching a screenshot of what their homepage/product will look like -- a quick mockup/screen grab goes a long way.

    In the email as well as on the phone, list your payment options. Either invoice for full price upfront, or 50%.

    Good luck!
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