Compeition From Mobile Apps and Software Companies Starting To Get Annoying

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I've been Full Time Digital and Social Media Marketing Consultant since 2007, will be 10 years this November.

Many of my clients are bars, restaurants and healthcare industry. Over last 2 years, I see all the Mobile Apps and Software Companies trying to sell my clients on their latest gadget or software tool.

Mobile Text/Push Notifications
Wifi Software that collects email or phone numbers when people access Hotspot - Zendesk
Beer Apps, like TapHunter or UnTapped
Delivery Service sites like Yelp Eats, Uber Eats....
Client retention software

How are you all handling all these companies approaching your clients? Several of my long term clients, send all these companies to me and ask what I think. I feel like a Ring Master at the Circus.

Looking forward to your feedback Warriors
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    This is difficult for offline consultants esp. those without an existing or reliable client base. Just like we see in our inboxes everyday, business owners are inundated with the latest gadget and software from companies, often with much larger budgets.

    Perhaps it gets back to providing reliable personal care from a person that can be trusted. If clients are asking you for advice at least you have established trust in your industry

    Best Wishes
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    I had a client just this week that received an email offering to get them on the first page of Google with a new service. Funny thing is I had to show them that I already have them listed on page one 4 different times. Lol.

    I also have to constantly talk with people about new apps, software, and ideas being presented to them. It is kind of a time-consuming pain, but it puts me in a position to be the expert consultant.
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    Are you saying that those pieces of software/tools are not useful or of value?

    For the ones you do think have value the simple answer is you should be doing them.

    We only have our 3 main solutions on our site but I sell my clients dozens of other solutions because why not lol.

    So when clients come to you and ask and you think it would be useful that's an amazing opportunity to say "actually that's something I can help you with and manage for you"
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