Doc Holiday almost went broke trying to prevent buck teeth...

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Let me tell you a quick story...

Back in the 1800's a guy named Doc Holiday had a prevention for everything from knock knee to buck teeth.

One June day he pulled into Dog Leg Montana. Before the dust had settled from his wagon wheels, he had the sides popped open and was starting his spiel. He never really sold much but it was enough to buy a few shots and a couple cigars.

So happened that day a guy was in the crowd named Billy Smith.

After the talk Billy went up to Doc and told him he knew a way to make way more money with his special elixir than he was doing.

Billy knew the secret that takes a product from nothing and turns it into a multi gazillion dollar something.

First let me tell you this:

Lots of talk about if you need a long sales letter to sell your stuff or a short one. The real answer depends how familiar your potential customer is with what you're selling. If they are new to it, they need a lot of splainin...if they already heard about it, they need a little sign up thingy. Write a long letter that can be split up for whatever crowd you're trying to convince.

So anyways, the secret Billy knew was can't make a fortune selling preventions. Everyone is always looking for a cure.

From that day on Doc Holiday started selling his elixir as a cure for everything from knock knee to buck teeth.

Are you marketing your product as a cure or as a prevention?

People don't spend money on preventions...but they'll spend their last 2 cents on a cure.

Love you all and hope you do the best you can do.
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    I like it. I may drop money on something to prevent something else from happening - like the broccoli lunch with mushrooms, health food preventing illness - but I vibe with your message. Get super clear on your sales message and your customers can see you, and the message, and buy more often than not.
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