Ads on cars... legal risks/issues?

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I was thinking of putting some pay-pay call campaigns as decals on a few cars. Are there any legal issues that could make this risky? If an accident occurs who is liable? Me? The ad network? the advertiser? How do existing car ad networks protect themselves against these risks (if they exist)?
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    I think you're overthinking this. People have been using car advertising for as long as cars have been around I would assume. If you're that worried about it, just create an LLC in order to help protect your assets.

    But overall, I highly doubt that you could lose a case for something like this. If you're really serious about finding out the answer, I can find out for you because I'm a member of LegalShield. I can call my local law provider for you and see what they say if you want. Because now you've piqued my curiosity about this as well.
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      A more definite answer would certainly be useful from someone with competent legal background.

      The issue is whether a Plaintiff would go after the company advertising or the ad network that facilitated the advertisement if case the driver had no insurance, lapses on the premium payments or is otherwise not covered (at the time of the accident).
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    Laws varies from country to country and place to place you should study local laws and if there is any taxes for such ad you should pay and take permissions from the authorities
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    This is a very good question. I see people leaving flyers and business cards on vehicles I wonder if it's legal or could you get in serious trouble.
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    It varies from location though I don't think it would be illegal.

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    decals on a few cars
    Cars owned by whom? You can put decals on cars you own - not on other people's cars.

    You are worrying about liability - when the real problem may be legal action. It could be 'risky' someone takes exception to you messing with their car....

    Flyers on cars are not permitted in many towns and cities - and huge fines enforce the laws. You can't play innocent when caught because it's your info on the ad.

    This idea is right up there with leaving ads in library books and hoping someone checks out the book and gets excited to find an ad. Right.

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