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I just got a new client who wants to increase attendance to her zumba class, but I don't know where to begin. Can anyone give me some advice?
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    You need to ask her some questions.

    How did she get her current customers?

    What advertising has she done [if any]?

    Does she have a facebook page/group?

    How much is a new customer worth to her in dollar terms?

    What has she tried in the past that has worked well?

    What has she tried that bombed/failed?

    Does she run an autoresponder?

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Sounds like her problem isn't necessarily sales. It's consumption, which leads to retention.

    If zumba runs anything like most gyms, you have three sets of users...

    > The hard core who would show up even if they had to crawl through a blizzard naked.
    > Casual users who show up when the urge strikes them.
    > The majority, who show up once or twice, and then never come back.

    It's the latter two you need to worry about.

    One thing to look at is emails that remind people to come to class, along with success stories and motivational/inspirational content.

    Recognition can also be a powerful motivator. Most of the 12-step programs give out tokens to commemorate various milestones. Perhaps awarding chips with 5 classes in a row, 10 classes in a row, etc. might work.

    Another way to recognize attendance is a "wall of fame" where people who meet attendance commitments get their picture on the wall (or use one of those electronic 'picture frames' that rotates photos).

    Are there perks she could offer as people attend more and more classes? Cruise lines build rebooking and loyalty with rewards programs - as you accumulate days aboard, you rise up the ranks and get more/better perks.

    Hope this gives you some ideas...
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    Originally Posted by Robert Jackson Jr View Post

    I just got a new client who wants to increase attendance to her zumba class, but I don't know where to begin. Can anyone give me some advice?
    Find the next fad and get in front of it.
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  • Got to say great advice from helisell and John.

    And as eccj maybe suggested is Zumba still the in thing? - if not try and re - popularise it .

    You could choose one of the "perks" and run a local press ad (possible theme get in shape and get the energy you need before Christmas...).

    If it works you get a quick response.

    If it doesn't strike "local press" off the media schedule (although it can take 3 Ads to pull in the people).

    Also incentivise existing members to refer a friend, colleague or anybody they know to pop in.

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    Does she have a list (and way to contact) people who used to attend her classes and stopped? Send them an offer that'll get them to reactivate.

    Then pay attention to what John and Steve said and send them (and everyone else) reasons to stay, to feel excited about doing zumba, about doing zumba there.

    If you have more than one way to contact them, don't use just one...

    I go sign up for a zumba class now.
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    Has she tried advertising her classes? Advertising works wonders. She can make videos of her Zumba classes and post it on Youtube or other social media sites. She can also do bulletin ads or make fliers but I don't think those work very well nowadays since most people have their noses on the internet.
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    Health related marketing is very cycle oriented... getting in shape and stronger is at its peak right after New Years ( new years resolutions ) and right in the mid spring ( looking good for summer ) There is another smaller peak ( One I believe to have the most potential overall if targeted correctly ) According to statistics, July and August are the biggest months of the year for newborns - September and October fall into months 3 and 4 most years.

    Mommies want to get back into shape.. so targeting Woman ( obviously ) 24 to 40 starting in say Mid August.. right into Christmas right before you switch your broader efforts to New Years resolution males and females, would be a direction I would be heading in.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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