What payment options do you prefer when you're one cold call closing ?

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Hello, thanks everyone for their advice and encouragement,i been at my commission job selling time shares over the phone, and im getting better and better. My goal is to make at least 11 deals in one week then refocus back on my SEO business that i sorta put aside to focus on getting better at selling.

At my job we one cold call close, all of our leads are quite(60%) prequalified. After the customer agrees to buy, after trying to close them the first time("i need to talk to my spouse") We take down their CC number and my manager process the payments.

I want to run my business like that, but im not familiar with what payment option that will let me do that. I don't want to ask my employer what we use, because it might appear suspicious.

They're some packages that we sell that REQUIRES the customer to pay through invoice, and the chances of that happening are VERY VERY Slim. Which is why we shy away from offering that package, and by the time they check their email their buying emotions fade away so they don't buy.

P.S recently bought the way of the wolf. Good Book for selling
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    You can use just about any merchant account that has a virtual terminal. If you want to get started with no monthly fees you can use PayPal Here or Stripe.
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    With a service such as SEO that is more than likely a monthly charge, you need to think beyond the point of closing. A service such as PayPal can be set for re-occurring charges... its a nice feature. Many of us here accept check by phone - or digital checks as they are some times called.

    I personally e-mail bills, that can be processed through my online processing channel, that is processed through my actual merchant account.

    Most of the phone scanner options ( square, intuit, paypal ) do have a card not present option. The transaction fees are a bit higher, and if that is all you do, I would imagine over time there may be some hassles from that. + the added time needed to confirm and process a payment every month would get a bit old.
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