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What are the best low cost offline marketing you can do that provides great return on investment?
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    Why do you keep asking general questions like this? Do you collect the answers and turn them into some kind of guide to sell? I've suspected this of you for years (and it's not a bad idea other than the likely-unproven element of the answers).

    There is no "best low cost offline marketing" that will magically work in every situation. Every method needs testing and refinement. You must know that by now. If you don't, I don't know what to tell you.
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    Why do moderators keep approving the threads?
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      Moderators? What moderators?

      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      Why do moderators keep approving the threads?
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    It is a very general question. Different industries work in different ways. Could you tell us what product or service that you want to market offline?
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    It costs nothing to ask stupid questions over and over again in a systematic way so as to get your links seen........ for years.
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    Trying to promote Durableoil.com offline.
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      Trying to promote Durableoil.com offline.
      I am going to be very honest here... sending traffic from any source to that specific homepage is a waste of your time and resources.

      When you are promoting using offline methods, WHO exactly are you targeting? Retail? Wholesale? or downline?

      In terms of your home page you HAVE to do 1 of 2 things. instantly segregate IE where your slider is now, make a 3 panel point of separation. OR you need to identify 1 of the 3 options and put all the chips in and go all in. There is literally no middle ground here.

      In terms of the retail aspect of your site... The shopping engine on the parent site is something less than desirable. from your controllable space you need to fast link into specific items. IE create a best seller panel and link in each item to the parent sites product page. No where on your site do I see "Spend $100 and get free shipping".

      I would say that direct linking to the parent site from the nav bar is a mistake... you need to create a controlled buffer between your site and the parent site. what you are looking to help correct is the number of clicks needed on the parent site to get to an actual product.

      Think of it this way.. with every click needed to get to product you on average loose 66% of your traffic. An example is oil for a gas engine... we send 100 people across your links. "shop by product" ( 100% - 100 people ) "Motor Oil" ( you just lost 66% of traffic you have 34 left ) THEN "Gasoline Motor Oils" ( again loosing 66% - you are left with 11% of the traffic you started. with a modest 3% close rate.. you will need to generate traffic equaling about 500 people to create 1 sale.

      So what can you do to improve this? go back and look at what you sell the most of - direct link from your site, to the product page ( 1 click 100% of traffic, selling to 3% 1 sale per 33 clicks vs 1 sale per 500 )

      First and foremost refine what it is you want your site - your homepage to do. 2nd implement Category pages ( Retail, Wholesale, downline ) to direct that traffic in a more efficient targeted manor ) and lastly test and refine your efforts
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    Are you joking? Your company has a treasure trove of training and marketing tools. You really should check with your upline for these types of questions.

    It's beginning to sound to me like you are having trouble accepting coaching from your sponsor or upline. This business requires you to be coachable and use their proven and duplicatable marketing system.

    Aside from that, perhaps the best as well as the lowest cost form of marketing is through referrals. Ask customers (or even warmed-over cold prospects) "Who do you know [that could use these products/needs extra income]"

    Invite referrals to view a tool (pamphlet, flip chart, video, sizzle call, three way call with upline, meeting, webinar, event, etc)

    Get more referrals from referrals - you should be able get at least 3-10 from everyone with whom you have made a personable connection.

    Remember FORM? (Ask prospects about their Family, Occupation, what they do for Recreation, Motivation (goals, dreams). This little system is an excellent way to quickly establish rapport and leads even within your cold market.

    I think I have told you several times before to get and study "Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional" by Eric Worre.

    Every one of my brand new recruits who have diligently followed my company's step-by-step marketing system and applied Worre's time-proven marketing principles have had phenomenal success within just a few months. The ones who refuse to follow my lead get dumped.
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    Few offline marketing techniques i know is print advertising, phone calls.
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