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Ok so I have a process in place where I can provide leads to businesses through PPC and FB ads. They are high quality leads and that side of it is good to go.

Once they have scheduled a call with me, I have came up with the following script for closing them on the initial 'trial'.


Hey Kevin, how you doing? Where you calling from today? Great, well let's jump into the call as I know we are both busy, sound good?

Ok so here's how the call will go, I'm going to start by asking a few questions about your business. If it sounds like I can help and it looks like a good fit I'll explain what we do and how it works, then at the end you can decide whether you want to be a part of it or not, sound good?

So first of all, what motivated you to take the time to schedule this call? [looking for the answer "need more leads" or "don't have enough business"]

How long has this been an issue for you?

So how much is a customer worth to you on average? (AOV)

How many jobs are you closing per month?

How much does your business make net profit per month, on average?

How are you currently getting leads?

Do you know how much its costing you to get a new lead?

Do you have a process in place to get new leads systematically?

Are you comfortable relying on the way you are currently getting leads and new business?

Where do you want to grow this business to in the next 12 months? [get specific £ amount]

Ok, and what is your main motivation for getting to that number?

How would things be different in your business if you got to that number?

How would that impact other areas of your life?

OK Kevin, so your currently making £xx and you want to get to £xx per month...What is stopping you from doing this on your own now? [Look for the answer "I need more leads"]

So your currently making £xx per month, why not just stay where you are at?

Ok and when are you wanting to fix this?

So I know you are wanting to fix this issue now, but how committed are you to making this happen?

Ok Kevin, well we can definitely help with that. Would you like me to tell you about what we do and how it works?

My area of expertise is helping xx, like you, get more clients by delivering high quality leads using our unique lead generation system. We service xx around the country just like you.

Have you ever bought leads before? When I talk to businesses like yours, they almost always say the same thing. The leads are being worked by 5 different businesses and end up resulting in nothing. Am I right? Exactly, so how happy would you be if I told you the leads I provide are completely EXCLUSIVE, meaning nobody else will see them but you? [Shut up and wait for response.]

The way our program works is we generate high quality leads either by phone, or delivered to your email inbox. The leads come from PPC online advertising, and are highly qualified and looking for your service.

We normally charge £500 to set the whole system up, then £300 for a trial. The trial fee is for ad-spend only, and we don't make any money at all on that amount. Now, we have something called incentive based pricing. This means that if you take action and sign up within 24 hours of this phone call, we waive the setup fee, and you only pay the trial fee for ad spend.

After the trial is over, we evaluate your results and you can decide if you want to continue going forward. After the initial month trial, the fee will be £800/month total including ad spend.

Do you want to move forward now with the trial?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The trial system is part of the Local Marketing Vault program by James Mckim, and people have had great success with it.
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    I'm certainly no expert on cold-calling scripts, but I notice you ask them what their motivation is to want to grow their sales over the next 12 months here:

    "Ok, and what is your main motivation for getting to that number?"

    And then ask them why they don't want to just stay at their current sales here:

    "So your currently making £xx per month, why not just stay where you are at?"

    This seems redundant to me. It's essentially the same question asked two different ways. I feel like if I was a prospect on the phone I'd probably be wondering if you weren't listening the first time.


    You: Ok, and what is your main motivation for getting to that number?

    Me: I'd like to get to the point where I can make a capital investment in some expensive equipment that will help me grow rapidly a few years down the line.

    You, a couple minutes later: So your currently making £xx per month, why not just stay where you are at?

    Me: Uhhhh......because I'd liketo get to the point where I can make a capital investment in some expensive equipment that will help me grow rapidly a few years down the line?
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    A bit cheesy at the start Kevin but otherwise the script is pretty good.

    You don't seem to ask much about their current cost per lead so it
    will make things more difficult to close. You need to get deeper into
    their current cost per customer generated.....that will justify the price
    you want to charge.

    Most business owners have never really considered the lifetime
    value of a customer so you ought to dig deeper there to make
    them realise the true cost/return net value of a new lead/customer.

    I actually really like the 'why not stay as you are' question.
    That will get them to justify their motivation on a very emotional level
    and no doubt will get them to open up about their deepest reasons for
    even being in business.

    Your script could be better but it is based on pretty sound principles.

    Good luck

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Kevin ? Do you have the viper script yet ? ... Im struggling with the calls , would you mind helping a brother out ?
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    Originally Posted by Kevin Dee View Post

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Sounds good on paper... the best feedback you will get is from real calls. It's possible that this script will be a winner and you'll get sales without changing a thing. And it's also possible that after 10 calls you'll notice resistance or objections coming up in the same stages of the script... at that point you'll have your feedback.

    Depending on what feedback you get from real calls, please come back and post them here... and then us members can you some ideas on what to do next.

    65k in 1st year, 150k in 2nd year... one call closing over the phone. Learn the METHOD live. Once in lifetime opportunity! Flights. Accommodation. FREE. PM for details.

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    It's not about the exact words it's about the process you use and stick to. Most people don't have a consistent sales process and haven't got a clue that one would be helpful to them.
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    How did you get their phone number/lead without already communicating?

    IMO OP is asking way too many questions. You say you're both busy then start rambling asking questions and dropping the ball.

    Seriously, "Where are you from"? "Great"? Might as well said "who cares".

    Tell me what you can do and how much or I'm hanging up the phone.

    Sound like a script and you'll get a dial tone even faster.
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    Good script. I suggest you create an outline version of it, so that you'd sound more spontaneous and personal.
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  • i am so glad i only need a small number of clients..The thought of continously having to get new clients every month would drive me into a J.O.B. Some people like the, i hate it.

    Make sure they have the funds to actually do it.
    Make sure they have a genuine interest.
    Explain your proposition (no script needed)
    Answer their questions.
    Leave it to them.No chasing them. No follow up. If they aren't motivated to act it's their loss.Plus they'll probably be a pain in the ***

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    This has to be one of the worst scripts I've ever laid eyes on. It literally makes my stomach hurt. Cut out all the BS and just pitch them man.

    " Hey Kev this is Salesgod with xyz marketing company here in San Diego can you hear me ok?"

    Awesome I see you requested some info online yesterday about (whatever it is)??????

    Perfect, just a couple quick questions to see if it'd be a good fit.

    Ask them 3-4 qualifying questions, pitch them if there qualified (60 second pitch not 30 minutes), ask for the order, rebuttal until they say yes.

    Cut out all the "is it ok if I do this?" Stuff. Your entire call should be like a minute and a half. Structure it like I showed you above. That pitch you wrote is a complete waste of time.
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