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Hey guys,
I've pretty much perfected a strategy for getting local keywords for a particular niche ranked at #1 or Page 1 of Google. I just need some help on how best to market this to local businesses. Any thoughts/templates/etc?
Cheers Tim
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    Kind of a catch 22 really... you cant really go in and say "Hey I can get you to #1 in Google" how many times have they heard that already this week?

    Because its "local" and I am assuming your target business' are not local to you, you cant really set up sites in each market and lease them out.

    You really need a local to you business to take you on, so that you can create a case study, that in turn you can hand to prospects around the world that shows what your expertise is worth.

    Start Local and then move to Global.

    id a quick search and found: https://digitalshiftmedia.com/local-seo-case-study/ a local SEO case study example for you to go on.

    Hope that Helps!
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    How about ranking your own site.
    When I was doing SEO we ranked for a few local terms and got enquiries.

    However, my best clients came from networking and referrals.

    I made it a point to get to know business people who were active in the business community and keep in touch with them. Not to sell to them, but so they knew who I was and what I could do for a business. Then when someone asked them "do you know someone", I was the one who came to mind.

    Workshops are always good, paid or free. People are more likely to turn up for paid. Organise paid workshops in conjunction with a charity, all proceeds to the charity.

    And my old fav, JVs. Put together a report all about the importance of getting targeted traffic to a website. Explain what you do in their language. Give it to Accountants, printers, web designers..., to give away to their clients. Anyone who services similar clients. Have a "special offer for clients of..." offer included.

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