Has any used Ringless Voicemail marketing successfully?

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I was curious if anyone reading this post has used Ringless Voicemail marketing successfully? Historically whenever I use it I get very little response. I know there are a lot of metrics that come into play such as your message, tone of voice, offering, etc.

But I was just curious if any of you have had any success using it in the biz opp, affiliate marketing niche?
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  • your message is probably off.
    is your core objective to get a call back? they call under what presumptions???
    what do they get???
    my guess, your getting poor advice using old, tired, marketing gimmicks and pitches, that can't get people's attention, then show WIFT ASAP, so they get past mistrust, skepticism, and busyness - you have to offer alot upfront that they value, not what you value. IMO
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