How do I find people willing to take the risk on me for free PPC management?

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I got 4 people on board by cold messaging contacts on linkedin (I didn't know them personally). 3 treated it as low priority and have gone email silent. The 4th is starting to turn sour.

Someone will point out that you need to charge for people to care/take you seriously. But you need to have experience to charge.

Getting the ball rolling seems damn tough. Any insights are welcome.
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    Hi Delta223,

    Perhaps you should try to get a job at an agency where you can gain some experience and training, then go out on your own.

    The PPC advertising is arguable one of the most competitive marketing channels that exists today. While it takes only a few weeks to learn the basics of PPC campaign management, you are likely going up against some seasoned professionals that will wipe out your client's investment well before you catch up enough to compete.

    Just as you are having a hard time getting and keeping clients, you are likely to have an even harder time trying to compete against some sophisticated advertisers. It takes a couple years to master the more advanced strategies that your competitors are likely using.

    Here are some options to consider:
    • Go to work as an intern or PPC Manager at an agency that offers training.
    • Setup and run campaigns for your own eCommerce store for a while to gain experience.
    • Offer local business leads on a per lead basis, no risk to them as you invest your own funds and they pay on a per lead basis.
    • Hire a mentor, or coach that has lots of experience in PPC management. (not a course, but real mentor-ship).

    Bottom line is that this niche is super competitive, you are going up against seasoned pros for getting clients as well as competing in the ad auctions. You need experience and someone willing to give you a break.


    Don Burk
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      From memory I used to offer the first month free per se, so at the and of the month if you liked my work, you would pay and I would do another month and so on. This reversed the risk to me and away from the customer. ( from memory most if not all continued )

      having free implies you are not sure of what your doing, and if anything I way undercharged so do not fall into that trap, cheap rent equals bad tenants.

      however if there is one thing to consider it is this

      Originally Posted by dburk View Post

      [*]Setup and run campaigns for your own eCommerce store
      If you are really good at PPC then the above makes the most sense hands down, why make money for others if you can make it for yourself.

      Lastly I had a free PDF guide that I wrote as a intro / lead magnet that ended with a sell to join up type thing, it has a lot of detail, I am not sure if it all still applies today, but I am happy to send it to you in doc form so you can edit to suit your needs and use it as it has no longer any use to me.

      Just fire an email address and happy to send it to you.
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    Relationships D, relationships

    Going in cold is the reason why getting the ball seems really tough. You are a stranger. I get a lot of emails from strangers daily. I appreciate them reaching out, but they gotta wait in line behind my many blogging buddies....said buddies being people who promoted my blog posts, commented on my blog posts, bought my eBooks and courses, hired me, mentioned me on my blogs, etc.

    You either put in the time to help people, and to build friendships which is weeks and months smartly spent - or you don't, and you are on the outside looking in, just like most people online who say they don't have the time to build friendships

    All the best.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    have a free service but try charging for a 45 minute phone session(every client) , this weeds out the non serious clients
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    Hey I'd like to learn more about your free ppc management
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    As Don said, learning the basics of PPC management is fairly easy and takes a short time.

    Selling those services, especially to cold contacts, is a lot harder.

    In truth, a lot of PPC managers offer "free" services, in that they make their money based on a percentage of ad spend. 15% used to be standard. So someone spending $1000/month paid management fees of $150.

    You might want to turn your offer into a two-part project. Set a price for setting up the ads and getting the project off the ground, then charge a percentage for ongoing management.

    Then you offer to waive the setup fee if you so choose, as your risk reversal. It's not "free PPC management", it's a one time gesture on your part.

    Another thing you can try is the friends of friends approach. Instead of doing cold contacts to total strangers on a social network, get your first few projects from networking with people you know. Think "six degrees of separation" - your friend may not be in a position to hire you, but her neighbor the realtor or the company that delivers her bottled water, or...may be. You never know who someone knows, and it's a lot easier to get your foot in the door.

    Once you have a track record, you can go back to hunting bigger game on social networks if you want.
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