What business to start?(Classical Musicians)

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Hi and thank you for your time!
My name is Paul and I am a musician(I play french horn).My wife plays viola, piano, and violin.Can you tell us some business ideas to start?We think to give music lessons to kids.We play only classical music and church music.
Thank you!
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    Give instructions for a fee. Their are plenty of people selling Guitar Lessons, Drum Lessons, etc. Tutor kids after school to play the Fench Horn and your wife can teach violin lessons. You can have two levels one for the absolute beginer who needs to learn the basic's of the fench horn and read the music sheets. You can also tudor or coach more advance french horn sessions to users that understand the basic.
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    Hire yourself out to play music at special events. There are wedding bands that play at weddings. You would have to find your people, whoever it is that has events that would call for paid help to play live music of the classical or church variety, but they are likely out there.
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    Busking...? :-)

    People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
    What I do for a living

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    Thank you, guys!!!
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    Yes, it would be a good idea to start with a teaching business. If you want, you can have a series of paid tutorial videos online or have a website with lessons for different levels. You could also start with a Facebook page to entertain any questions and let more people discover you. Of course, what you teach has to have a unique twist to it so that people will be interested in signing up for your classes.
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    Give music lessons to kids is a good idea. You can create a website which will product free lessons for the kid and advertise your webiste on social media
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    If you're going to give lessons to kids... make friends with owners of stores that rent and sell musical instruments and with elementary/high school music teachers.

    You could also sell video-taped lessons online...

    You could sell music instruments on your site.

    You could promote concerts? on your site.
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    You and your wife can start Udemy courses for those who want to learn the instruments you both play.

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    You can market yourself or your whole family as a "brand". You can perform on events and on different occasions. Or you could also take in students to learn from you. I personally know a friend who does this. He plays violin on weddings and events. Frankly he is earning pretty well. Also try having a social media account to showcase your talent. FB and IG can help you reach larger audience and potential customers.
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    Musical instruments sell very well on Amazon.com (I know this because I'm a former Amazon affiliate, and I've seen aggregated reports for many vast amounts Amazon orders) . You could become an Amazon seller of musical instruments.
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